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Recipe: Overnight Oats without sugar

Looking for a recipe for Overnight Oats without sugar? Here you will find a recipe for a healthy and delicious breakfast. We also give you valuable preparation tips and topping ideas along the way.



Granola Bars: Simple and quick basic recipe

Homemade granola bars are not only a healthy snack, but also taste really good. You can also customise them with a variety of ingredients to suit your taste.

In this article you will learn the basic granola bar recipe and suggestions for possible ingredients!

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Clean Eating recipes – these are the 5 best and fastest dishes

Clean eating has long since found its way into our everyday lives as a healthy nutrition and lifestyle concept and is lived by many – consciously or unconsciously – with conviction. The idea is simple: whole, natural foods – yes, please! Industrially processed products – no, thank you!
We tell you how Clean Eating works and also have the best and quickest dishes for you.


Christmas recipe: Healthy chocolate fudge with muesli crumble

Chocolatey, delicious and healthy – you can’t really expect more from a Christmas treat. With this vegan and gluten-free chocolate fudge with muesli crumble, you can give yourself and your loved ones a healthy Christmas treat.


Recipe: Pumpkin-apple Gugelhupf with maple syrup-pumpkin seed topping

When pumpkins and apples are in high season in autumn, it’s best to bake them together in this juicy and spicy gugelhupf. The whole thing is refined with a maple syrup glaze and pumpkin seeds. You can find the recipe here.


Recipe: Autumnal, warming Pumpkin Spice Porridge

A little Pumpkin Spice here, a little Pumpkin Spice there! The well-known spice with cinnamon from America is often integrated into various recipes during the cold seasons and especially in autumn. Either your coffee becomes a Pumpkin Spice Latte or your warm oatmeal becomes Pumpkin Spice Porridge! And we show you the recipe here!


Oat Biscuits Recipe

Oat biscuits are biscuits that are particularly popular in Scandinavian countries. In addition to flour, oats in the form of oat flakes are added to the dough.


Recipe: Berry Porridge Tart

A shortcrust pastry base with Verival Blackberry Porridge, a creamy filling with jam, and lots of delicious berries on top – that’s essentially what makes this berry porridge tart. A simple recipe for the berry season or to extend the taste of the summer season with frozen fruit.


Recipe: Fruity Strawberry Protein Bites

With just a few ingredients, these fruity Strawberry Protein Bites are quick and easy to prepare. The basis for this small, vegan snack is the gluten-free Verival Strawberry-Raspberry Porridge Smoothie Bowl. The combination of complex carbohydrates and vegetable proteins makes these bites a healthy snack and is therefore ideal as a pre-workout meal.

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3 healthy breakfast recipes for children – that taste good!

A healthy and balanced breakfast is the best way to start the day. This also applies to your children. But not every child loves healthy food. So that your children, fortified with a healthy breakfast, can concentrate well at school and start the day fit, we show you 3 healthy breakfast recipes that your children won’t be able to resist.