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Recipe: Quick Carrot Cake Bites with Bircher Muesli

The Verival Bircher muesli refines this quick and easy carrot cake recipe and enriches it with lots of fibre. With just a few ingredients, no added sugar and no baking, these little vegan cake cubes are prepared very quickly. A juicy treat – not only in spring.


Recipe: Healthy chocolate muesli bars

You want to start the new year healthy and fit and are still looking for a healthy breakfast or snack to satisfy your sweet tooth? Then these healthy chocolate muesli bars made from porridge are just the thing for you! They keep you full for a long time, are healthy and full of healthy fibre.

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Recipe: Nut Porridge Brownies

Even on a vegan diet, you don’t have to give up chocolatey and delicious brownies. These gluten-free and nutty porridge brownies are completely free of animal products and provide you with purely plant-based proteins. And with very little sugar.


Recipe: Vegan chia seed pancakes

What could be better than a hearty breakfast at the weekend? If you’re looking for inspiration for a delicious sweet breakfast, then this recipe is just right for you. The vegan chia seed pancakes not only taste delicious and are especially fluffy, but also contain two delicious superfoods: oat flakes and chia seeds. The combination of the two ingredients keeps you full for a long time and provides you with important nutrients.


Recipe: Granola Bars Raspberry-Almond-Coconut

If you don’t want to miss out on your granola on the go, the best way to do it is to bake it into these delicious and healthy bars. For this granola bar recipe, we’ve combined our Verival Lower Carb Sport Granola Raspberry Almond Coconut with dates, apricots and cashews. It’s easy to make and goes together quickly. And your energy boost on the go is assured.

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Stay healthy over Christmas: How to avoid weight gain during the Christmas season

As we all know, the Christmas season is full of temptations. As good as cookies, mulled wine and the like taste, they are not necessarily healthy, which is why unwanted weight gain occurs during Christmas time. Here we give you five tips on how to get through Advent with as few calories as possible.


Christmas recipe: Roasted almonds and cashews

Roasted almonds or cashews are a must at Christmas time. The Christmas snack is also ideal as a topping for your yogurt or porridge. For the recipe you need only 4 ingredients and can thus give every breakfast a Christmas touch.


Christmas recipe: Waffle and pancake mix

You can customize the homemade waffle and pancake mix exactly to your taste and make it vegan or sugar-free, for example. The mix is perfect for your Christmas breakfast and is also suitable as a sustainable Christmas gift.


Pumpkin Porridge Energy Balls

Are you looking for a delicious recipe for Christmas? Then these energy balls with porridge are just right for you! Whether as a healthy substitute for Christmas cookies or as a snack for the holiday season, these balls are quick and easy to prepare.

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Healthy chocolate crossies

Want to treat yourself to a chocolatey treat this holiday season, but want to avoid lots of sugar and unhealthy cookies? Then try our healthy chocolate crossies. Completely without industrial sugar and unhealthy ingredients.