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Simply make your own oat drink – recipe

Have you ever tried making your own plant-based drink? It sounds complicated, but it’s not. And on top of that, you save a lot of waste. See for yourself and try our quick and easy recipe for your homemade oat drink.

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Keto Diet – These are the best foods

For many people, dieting is part of everyday life. Losing weight is often a difficult undertaking and involves a lot of effort. To help you reach your weight loss goals, we’re introducing the best foods for the keto diet today.

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Fitness breakfast: 5 tips and protein recipes

So it turns out that proteins fulfil important tasks both before and after training. Whether you eat breakfast before or after exercise, our VERIVAL Protein Muesli and Porridge offers the ideal solution for both occasions.

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Baked Oats – the new trend for breakfast

Baked oats are the latest trend in breakfast. The baked oat flakes are very healthy and very popular for breakfast. Find out how to prepare baked oats and what they are in this blog post.

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6 reasons why a warm breakfast is so healthy

Hot breakfasts are a tradition in many cultures. From Ayurvedic teachings to Traditional Chinese Medicine, a warm meal is a cornerstone. And rightly so. Because hot breakfasts, such as porridge, bring a whole host of health benefits to you and your body. In this article, we will take a closer look at exactly what these are.  

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Sugar trap porridge? Avoid sugar in porridge with these 3 tips

Porridge is considered extremely healthy and is therefore very trendy among nutrition-conscious people. But porridge is not always as healthy as people like to claim. Many mixtures contain a lot of sugar. In this article we will take a closer look at how you can avoid sugar traps and how to prepare the ideal porridge for a naturally sweet oatmeal.

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Why it is important for children to eat breakfast

Lack of appetite in the morning or too little time are common reasons why children do not eat breakfast. However, this has a big impact on the little ones’ performance during their exciting daily routine at school or kindergarten.

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What nutrients are important in children’s diets?

Proper nutrition is an increasingly important topic for many people. And the right diet should also play a big role for children, because children need many nutrients and vitamins to grow ideally and stay healthy. In today’s blog post, you can find out what the right diet for children looks like and what you should pay attention to.

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The history of Bircher Muesli

Bircher Müsli – The successful mixture of delicious and wholesome convinces the masses and this worldwide. Learn more about the history!

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Meal-Prep: 5 helpful tips and recipe ideas

Meal prep is not only on the rise among athletes. The trend from the USA has also gained a foothold in the office and in everyday life. That’s why today we have 5 best tips and recipe ideas to help you become a meal prep pro.

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Porridge without sugar – advantages, preparation and recipe

Porridge is considered extremely healthy and enjoys great popularity. However, sugar is added to many ready-made products. This article explains why this is not ideal, what sugar alternatives are available and what the perfect porridge preparation for a healthy and sugar-reduced breakfast looks like.

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Oat flakes – do you already know these 5 benefits of healthy flakes?

Oats are THE local superfood. Besides the many health benefits, oats are also just very tasty. But why should you not do without oats already at breakfast and what are really the benefits of oats? We answer these questions in today’s blog post.

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Porridge: Miracle cure for digestive problems

It has long been known that porridge has a lot of health benefits. Not only is it an excellent source of vegetable protein and regulates blood sugar levels, but it is also said to help with digestive problems of all kinds.
Anyone who struggles with their gut health is well aware of the impact it has on their overall wellbeing. But what can you do to get your intestinal flora back on track? Can porridge really help? This article tells you everything you need to know.

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Which oat flakes should I use for my porridge?

From tender oat flakes to oat groats or oat bran – the regional cereal comes in a wide variety of sizes and shapes. It is often not so easy to keep track of them all. To ensure that nothing stands in the way of a delicious breakfast, this article tells you everything you need to know about the different types of oat flakes and how to choose the right oat product for your porridge.

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Breakfast ideas for the cold season

In this post, we’ll look at the benefits of a warm breakfast for the colder months of the year. You’ll also learn 4 recipe ideas that go especially well with autumn and winter. Read them now!

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What is the best way to season my porridge? Here’s what you need to know about different porridge seasonings

Porridge has already become a real breakfast classic for many people. The variety of porridge creations is now unmanageable. However, spices are often overlooked. In this article, we’ll tell you which spices you should definitely try out and what they can offer in addition to their taste characteristics.

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How to have a healthy breakfast with oats

Oats are the superfood par excellence. Especially the many fatty acids and the complex carbohydrates make oats shine. In this blog post we tell you how to prepare a healthy breakfast with oats and what you should look out for.

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3 Protein toppings you need to know about

Oatmeal toppings can enhance your porridge and provide additional nutrients that your body needs.

Learn more about our top 3 toppings for a protein-rich breakfast!


5 ideas for healthy snacks and breakfast for school and on the go

We can make our busy days easier by starting the day with a healthy breakfast and bringing healthy snacks with us on the go. Find her some healthy and tasty recipes with our Verival products!

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Which long-lasting energy sources for breakfast are ideal for athletes?

A healthy breakfast can influence the rest of your day in a positive way, especially for athletes who consume a lot of energy. Therefore, it is important that your breakfast is healthy and balanced. Read here how the perfect sport breakfast looks like!

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Strengthening the immune system – Which fruits and vegetables are good for the body?

The cells of our immune system must be constantly replenished so that they can adequately protect our organism. Especially the vitamin C in citrus fruits or pomegranates, but also secondary plant compounds in dried fruit can help to support your natural defence to build up a stable immune system.

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Sugar-free porridge – healthy and still delicious

Warm, delicious, savoury or sweet: you can enjoy porridge one way or another as a sugar-free breakfast. Dried fruit is a valuable and nutritious ingredient that is often added to porridge. Find out here how you can individually refine your porridge recipe and your porridge without sugar with natural sweetness – with dried fruit, vegetable syrup or other sugar alternatives.

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Intestinal health – All about improving the intestinal flora

Our gastrointestinal system is probably one of the most complex systems in our body. Do you want to increase your well-being? Then promote intestinal health. What is a healthy gut and what positive effects do oatmeal have on the gut? We will answer all these questions and more in the following article.

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Sugar-free breakfast for children?

Of course, every child would love greasy sweet nut nougat cream, sticky cornflakes and sugared strawberries for breakfast. And admittedly: When things have to go quickly in the morning and there is no time to prepare a larger breakfast or eat together in peace, buttered toast with sugary jam is a temptingly quick solution. Find out why less sugar in children’s diets makes sense in this article!

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BMI (Body Mass Index) for male & female athletes

The result of the BMI value is used to assess whether you are classified as normal weight, overweight or underweight. Why this value is critical for athletes, you can find out here!

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The Chia Seed Guide: Everything about the exotic superfood

Chia seeds were imported from Mexico and are now known as a real superfood. In this guide you can read all about the effects of chia seeds, how to best consume them and tips on how to incorporate them into your diet!

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All-rounder oats – what you should know about oats

A healthy breakfast provides a good start to the day. Oatmeal is full of good nutrients that can help you improve your health. Find out exactly what makes oats so healthy for us and how you can incorporate the grain into your diet in this blog.

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Porridge for children – a healthy start to the day

Porridge for children is a popular, delicious and extremely healthy breakfast. You can make porridge yourself or benefit from a ready-made porridge recipe. Choosing the right food for kids is not always easy. However, you can’t go wrong with a warm porridge in the morning.

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Oatmeal – why it’s the best breakfast for weight loss

Oatmeal or porridge is one of the healthiest breakfast foods out there. In recent years, oatmeal has really become the frontrunner in the breakfast world. Especially when it comes to losing weight, you can’t do without oats. Why oats are so healthy and how they can help you lose weight is explained in today’s blog post.

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Sugar-free breakfast – tips & healthy recipes without sugar

For many, the first challenge for a healthy start to the day seems to be a sugar-free breakfast, as people are only too happy to reach for a roll with a sweet spread with their morning coffee. But that doesn’t have to be the case. There are many simple recipes with sugar-free foods that will get you ready for your day and give you a sweet treat. You can find everything in the article!

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