As complex as the tasks of our immune system are, it is very dependent on a sufficient supply of vitamins and trace elements.

The cells of our immune defence system must be constantly replenished so that they can adequately protect our organism.

That is why all the nutrients we need must be constantly ingested in sufficient quantities through our food in order to strengthen the immune system.

The German Nutrition Society recommends 5 portions of fruit and vegetables a day.

Especially the vitamin C in citrus fruits or pomegranates, but also the secondary plant compounds in dried fruit can help to support your natural defences in order to build up a stable immune system.

Apples for a healthy immune system

They say “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”. Especially in the cold season, strengthening the immune system is of particular importance.

An apple makes an important contribution to this, as it covers between ten and twenty percent of our daily vitamin C requirement.

Äpfel für ein gesundes Immunsystem

The vitamin C in apples is particularly important when the body is stressed by cold and wet conditions and is attacked by pathogens.

It also helps the body to produce antibodies for immune defence and has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antioxidant properties that naturally strengthen the immune system.

Citrus fruits strengthen your immune system

Oranges and lemons, grapefruits and clementines: Citrus fruits and winter simply belong together. They are not only delicious, but also healthy.

Their vitamins put us in a good mood, their aromas have a stimulating effect and they serve to strengthen our immune system.

Lemons and oranges

100g of lemon flesh, for example, contain about 50 milligrams of vitamin C – almost half of your daily requirement, which is why lemons in particular are known for their great effect on infections.

Oranges are also rich in vitamin C, without which our cells cannot survive. Two medium-sized oranges even cover the average daily requirement.

In addition, the orange is the most popular citrus fruit and is drunk mainly as juice in this country.


Critics might complain that mandarins contain the least vitamin C of all citrus fruits.

This is true, but in no way diminishes their health value. After all, just 100 g still meet a good third of the daily requirement.

Because they are easy to peel and usually sweet, most people eat more mandarins than grapefruits or lemons, for example, so you get a higher amount of vitamin C pretty quickly.


Grapefruit, better known as grapefruit, is also bursting with the antioxidant power of vitamin C and can strengthen your immune system.

Pomegranate – strengthens your immune system

Even the ancient Egyptians appreciated the invigorating effect of the pomegranate. At that time, the blood-red fruit was called the fountain of youth or the elixir of life.

The vitamin C and potassium also contained in the pomegranate can boost the metabolism and thus also play an essential role in weight loss.

In addition, the high vitamin C content can effectively strengthen your immune system and thus protect your body against cold viruses and bacteria.

If you do catch a stubborn flu or cold, eating pomegranate can also help you get back on your feet quickly.

Dried fruit

In addition to healthy vitamins and dietary fibre, dried fruit also provides secondary plant compounds.

Although these diverse substances are not considered essential nutrients, they are still thought to have positive effects on our health and immune system.

Some, such as the cranberry, for example, can protect against certain types of cancer, some have an anti-inflammatory effect and some are antibacterial.

The compounds found exclusively in nature are said to strengthen the immune system with their antioxidant effect.

Berries for a strong immune system

If you want to strengthen your immune system, you should definitely go for berries! Because the sweet fruits are rich in valuable antioxidants that prevent the penetration of various viruses, bacteria and free radicals into the organism.

Beeren für eine starke Immunabwehr

This way you ensure that the immune system is strengthened. Blueberries are particularly recommended. 100 grams of this superfood provide
five times as many antioxidants as the same amount of raspberries.

Other substances in berries that strengthen the immune system are flavonoids, which also inhibit viruses and bacteria.

In addition, the natural intestinal flora is strengthened, which is also crucial for functioning defences. If the intestinal flora is attacked, people fall ill more often with flu-like infections, for example.

Strengthening the immune system – integrating fruit & vegetables into your healthy breakfast

Whether in the form of muesli with milk or, in the best case, warm as porridge for breakfast, whether combined with apple or other fruit, with oatmeal everyone can conjure up a healthy breakfast to their taste in no time and strengthen the immune system at the same time.

Nutritionists consider oats to be the healthiest cereal. This is mainly due to its valuable minerals and vitamins B1 and E.

Among other things, this combination ensures a strong immune system. It is also incredibly versatile and gives each of us a perfect start to the day.

You want to strengthen your immune system and still start the morning tasty?

We at VERIVAL provide the basis. Topped with fruit of your choice, you round off your individual, delicious immune booster and give unwanted invaders no chance.

It’s up to you! Start strengthening your immune system today!

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