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Baked Oats – the new trend for breakfast

Baked oats are the latest trend in breakfast. The baked oat flakes are very healthy and very popular for breakfast. Find out how to prepare baked oats and what they are in this blog post.


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Healthy eating – with these 10 tips it works

A healthy lifestyle is becoming increasingly important for many people. Nutrition in particular plays a big role in this. In today’s blog post, we have 10 tips for you to make healthy eating easier.

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Superfood oat bran – These are the 6 incredible benefits

Oat bran has long been considered a true superfood. This is due to its nutrient density and high fibre content. In this article, we will take a closer look at how you can integrate oat bran into your healthy breakfast, how much you need and what health benefits it offers.

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How to use the calorie calculator for muscle building

If you want to build up muscles, you need plenty of calories. Because carbohydrates, fats and proteins provide energy and support regeneration. But how much is plenty? How many calories does your body actually need to build muscle? We will now take a closer look at these very questions and also clarify what the ideal diet for sport looks like and how the calorie calculator can help you.

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Clean Eating recipes – these are the 5 best and fastest dishes

Clean eating has long since found its way into our everyday lives as a healthy nutrition and lifestyle concept and is lived by many – consciously or unconsciously – with conviction. The idea is simple: whole, natural foods – yes, please! Industrially processed products – no, thank you!
We tell you how Clean Eating works and also have the best and quickest dishes for you.

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Our 5 tips for healthy weight loss using the calorie calculator

For many people, it is hard to imagine wanting to gain weight. But for some, being underweight is a big problem. Being underweight can lead to various health problems. In today’s blog post, we explain how you can avoid being underweight and gain weight in a healthy way with the Verival calorie calculator!

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Low Gluten Diet – The New Trend?

Gluten-free foods are currently in demand as never before. Even people who do not have problems digesting gluten are increasingly practising “gluten avoidance”.

In this article you will learn what this trend is all about.

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Healthy fats – everything you need to know about them

Healthy fats as an important part of our diet? Unthinkable for many, because fat has fallen into disrepute over the years due to fitness cults and diet concepts. Find out why fat is better than its reputation and how you can cleverly integrate the important energy supplier into your everyday life.

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Beta Glucan – These 4 effects the fibre has on your body

Beta-glucans are dietary fibres with particularly valuable functions in the human body. They are found in oat flakes and oat bran, among other things, and have been shown to lower blood cholesterol levels. Just one portion of porridge for breakfast can lead to the health benefits. Reason enough to take a closer look at beta-glucan.

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How healthy is Clean Eating?

What is Clean Eating? Is this dietary trend healthy? And what can I eat while doing it? These questions and more are addressed in this blog post. You’ll also find out how you can easily prepare a delicious “clean” breakfast. Read it now!