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5 tips for building muscle on a vegetarian diet

Muscle building is a big and important topic for many people. Over the last few years, a healthy lifestyle in combination with sport has become more and more central in the lives of many people. For many, sport is a balance between work and school; for others, sport is more than just a balance and […]

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This is why almonds help build muscle

Almonds are the frontrunners when it comes to plant-based and vegan protein sources. Packed with protein and amino acids, they provide almost half of your daily needs in just a handful. How can almonds help you build muscle and how do you incorporate almonds into your diet?

Fitness, Muscle building, Nutrition, Sport

These are the most important nutrients for athletes

If you want to be physically fit, you should pay attention to a healthy diet in addition to a suitable training plan. You should take into account the increased need for nutrients in order to meet the requirements of the respective sport. In this article, you will find out what the ideal diet for sports looks like and what you should pay special attention to.

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These are the most important protein sources for endurance athletes

Proteins are indispensable for our body. While the protein requirement of the general population is usually already covered unconsciously, athletes should pay closer attention to it due to their increased need. Endurance athletes in particular often underestimate their protein needs. In order to supply your body with sufficient protein, you should know the most important protein sources.

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Almonds and almond butter: an ideal source of protein

Whether as a delicious topping or a practical snack, almonds are very popular with health-conscious people because they are considered an ideal source of protein. Find out what makes them an excellent source of protein and what other healthy nutrients they contain here.

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3 Protein toppings you need to know about

Oatmeal toppings can enhance your porridge and provide additional nutrients that your body needs.

Learn more about our top 3 toppings for a protein-rich breakfast!

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Which long-lasting energy sources for breakfast are ideal for athletes?

A healthy breakfast can influence the rest of your day in a positive way, especially for athletes who consume a lot of energy. Therefore, it is important that your breakfast is healthy and balanced. Read here how the perfect sport breakfast looks like!

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These are the benefits of a hot breakfast for athletes

You shouldn’t miss out on a hot breakfast, even in summer! We know that sounds contradictory at first glance. However, there are some advantages that you don’t want to miss.

Find out more and what our warm breakfast recommendation is for female athletes!

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Magnesium – The versatile mineral

Magnesium fulfills a variety of tasks in the body. Among other things, the mineral supports the brain or skeletal muscles.
In the article you will learn the most important details on the topic, such as what your magnesium requirement is or which foods contain particularly high amounts of magnesium.

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BMI (Body Mass Index) for male & female athletes

The result of the BMI value is used to assess whether you are classified as normal weight, overweight or underweight. Why this value is critical for athletes, you can find out here!