A hot breakfast in the summer sounds contradictory to you at first glance? Then let us prove you wrong!

Athletes in particular can benefit from warm meals, as they can absorb nutrients better. Read today’s article to find out exactly how this works and more.

Learn more about the benefits of a warm first meal and get inspiration for your breakfast!

This is why a warm breakfast is so healthy!

Imagine a cosy morning in summer. You can already feel the sun’s strong rays on your skin in the morning and are happy about the beautiful, warm weather. And then a warm breakfast to go with it? Is a hot breakfast healthy in the summer?

Admittedly, this doesn’t sound like the first logical association that comes to mind when temperatures rise. But rest assured, we will convince you otherwise.

A warm breakfast is also recommended in summer.
A warm breakfast is also recommended in summer.

For your body, the question “breakfast – hot or cold?” does not arise. After all, it has to heat up all the food you eat to “operating temperature”. If you eat something cold, your body needs energy to heat up the food. Conversely, cooling down requires less effort.

Did you know that this is why it is not recommended to eat too cool drinks with ice cubes in summer? The body has to expend more energy and you may feel even hotter and start to sweat. Experts rather advise drinking warm to lukewarm teas and water.

Warm breakfast – TCM

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) also knows about the benefits of a warm first meal. According to the so-called organ clock, each organ has its active and resting times. Since the stomach and milt are in a peak phase from 7-11 am, the digestive process should be started here. This is best done with a warm breakfast: the body has to expend less energy for digestion and the vital energy is increased.

Indirectly, you can strengthen your immune system with a warm first meal, because according to TCM teachings, a strengthened milt has a strengthening effect on your immune system.

Benefits of a warm breakfast for athletes

You may be asking yourself: That’s all well and good, but why should I eat a warm breakfast as an athlete?

Before we go into this question in more detail, you should know that sports can lead to increased nutrient requirements. To give you an example: Calcium, potassium, and magnesium support the transmission of impulses and thus muscle contraction. For functional muscles, you should therefore pay attention to these minerals.

Often the requirement can be covered by a healthy, balanced diet. You should only take dietary supplements after consulting your doctor.

Are you interested in this topic? Then read our detailed article on this topic right now!

Absorption of nutrients

Let’s get back to the original question! A warm breakfast is the ideal way to absorb these important nutrients. How does this work exactly?

The human body is not built to digest certain things. This includes, for example, dietary fibre, which almost do not change the structure in the body.

Especially with plant foods, you should therefore not do without brief cooking or at least simmering! This is because the cellulose in the cell walls of plants cannot be broken down by humans. By heating, however, the cell walls break down and the multiple sugars and the vitamins they contain can be better absorbed.

Carrots are the best example: By cooking them and adding a little fat, the vitamins they contain (especially the fat-soluble vitamin A) become more available in the body.

Nutrition is an important part of a sporting lifestyle.
Nutrition is an important part of a sporting lifestyle.

Since athletes in particular should pay attention to a healthy, balanced breakfast and take enough vitamins, a warm breakfast is recommended especially for them!

Another reason for eating a warm breakfast is that it makes it easier for you to chew and digest your food. Especially at the first meal of the day, you can support your body and have more energy for more important things!

Hot breakfast – What are the disadvantages?

Nevertheless, it should be mentioned at this point that there are some critical voices. The biggest criticism is that some vitamins, especially the water-soluble ones like the B vitamins, are largely lost through cooking.

However, without cooking you would not be able to absorb some other vitamins at all. Also, it depends on the food whether you should eat something raw or cooked. With porridge, and especially with a healthy breakfast, the advantages clearly outweigh the disadvantages!

Porridge – the ideal hot breakfast

But now let’s break down what we mean by an ideal hot breakfast! And we are talking about porridge. The supposedly “simple” porridge offers a multitude of benefits. The fibre it contains strengthens your intestines, because it provides enough food for the good intestinal bacteria.

In addition, oats are a real nutrient bomb: 46% of your daily magnesium requirement and 27% of your iron requirement can be covered by them. In total, you’ll find a quarter of your recommended nutrients in a bowl of Verival porridge.

Porridge with berries - a healthy, hot breakfast!
Porridge with berries – a healthy, hot breakfast!

Did you know that oatmeal keeps you full for a long time? Simply put, the water-soluble dietary fibres begin to swell and dissolve in the body. This enlarges your stomach in a positive sense and you feel full. It is recommended to eat oatmeal so that you can work undisturbed and your concentration is not interrupted by a growling stomach.

You can also refine porridge with toppings. Whether it’s nut butter, seeds or fresh fruit, it’s all great for a varied breakfast.

Sport Porridge from Verival – with all the nutrients for athletes

For all athletes and those who want to become athletes, we have a special offer: the Sport Porridge Cocoa-Banana!

The ideal breakfast before sports: Porridge

Due to the ground seeds, this warm breakfast with oatmeal provides enough protein for muscle building.

Thanks to the improved recipe, you benefit from the positive properties of cocoa: Did you know, for example, that cocoa has a blood pressure-lowering effect and contains a high proportion of iron, magnesium and copper? The best thing to do is to integrate this healthy plant into your diet at breakfast.

Thanks to the natural sweetness of the bananas, the porridge has no added sugar and still tastes wonderfully chocolaty!

And another advantage: thanks to the simple preparation, you can conjure up your nutrient-rich, filling and, above all, warm breakfast in just three minutes.

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