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Lose weight: Which sport brings the most?

It is often a long way to the desired figure. Diets are often tedious, expensive and often ineffective. Especially when losing weight, many mistakes can happen. In today’s blog post, we reveal how you can lose weight healthily in combination with sport.

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Keto Diet – These are the best foods

For many people, dieting is part of everyday life. Losing weight is often a difficult undertaking and involves a lot of effort. To help you reach your weight loss goals, we’re introducing the best foods for the keto diet today.

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Lose weight fast with these 13 top tips

When it comes to losing weight, only very few people are really patient. Especially in summer, the kilos should fall off particularly quickly. We show you how you can lose weight quickly and still keep it off in the long term. We also present delicious recipes, such as the optimal porridge preparation, for your quick weight loss success.

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Post Workout Meal: Here’s how it works best!

The Post Workout Meal is especially important for building muscle and losing weight. In this blog post you will learn how the Post Workout Meal works best and which nutrients you should pay special attention to.

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Lose weight without exercise – with these 7 tips it succeeds

For many people, losing weight means exercising every day and severely restricting their diet. But neither is absolutely necessary. Losing weight is also possible without sporting activity or a crash diet. In this article you will find out how you can lose weight sustainably without relying on sports.

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Keto diet: How the nutritional principle works

benefits are attributed to it. The results of numerous studies are promising, which is why the high-fat low carb diet is even used in medicine. Even if it may sound surprising, the ketogenic diet should also be promising when it comes to losing weight. We have taken a closer look at the supposed miracle diet. 

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Sugar trap porridge? Avoid sugar in porridge with these 3 tips

Porridge is considered extremely healthy and is therefore very trendy among nutrition-conscious people. But porridge is not always as healthy as people like to claim. Many mixtures contain a lot of sugar. In this article we will take a closer look at how you can avoid sugar traps and how to prepare the ideal porridge for a naturally sweet oatmeal.

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Lose weight in the long term without cravings: This is how it works

Cravings make losing weight difficult for many people. But where do cravings come from in the first place? And what is the best way to satisfy the excessive hunger for sweets and salty foods in the evening? In this article we will take a look at the physical and psychological aspects underlying cravings and how knowledge about them can help you lose weight in the long term.

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Our 5 tips for healthy weight loss using the calorie calculator

For many people, it is hard to imagine wanting to gain weight. But for some, being underweight is a big problem. Being underweight can lead to various health problems. In today’s blog post, we explain how you can avoid being underweight and gain weight in a healthy way with the Verival calorie calculator!

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Staying fit through the cold season – how to maintain your weight

While spring and summer entice us to engage in outdoor activities, tennis, volleyball and co. lose their appeal as soon as the temperatures drop. Instead, we snuggle up on the couch and give our bodies the break they deserve. It’s the perfect time to relax and get back to yourself. But for all those who can’t sit still in autumn and winter, we have a few tips in this article on how to stay fit and maintain your weight during the cold season. 

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Clean Eating – Everything you need to know about it

Clean eating is considered a healthy diet that avoids highly processed foods and focuses instead on whole foods. Clean eating, literally translated as pure or clean eating, is said to have a positive effect on health. But how healthy is clean eating really? And how can you integrate it into your healthy breakfast?

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Calorie calculator – How it helps you lose weight

Most diet concepts promise great success within a very short time. But very few of them can deliver.
One reason for this is that many diets ignore a very important aspect of successful weight loss. Instead, they promote one-sided and unpromising concepts.
Yet the theory behind weight loss is quite simple. What calorie calculators have to do with it and how they can help you lose weight, you will learn in this article.

Nutrition, Weight loss

Counting calories – useful or overrated?

Counting calories is a fixed component of many diets and is practised by many people. In today’s blog post we explain how useful calorie counting really is and what advantages and disadvantages it brings with it!

Nutrition, Weight loss

Calorie calculator for men

In this post, we focus on the topic of calories and whether or how calorie requirements differ for men (compared to women). We answer the most frequently asked questions on this topic in the blog post. Read it now!

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Interval Fasting 5:2 – The Fast Diet

Intverval fasting 5:2 involves fasting 2 days a week. In this article we show you how to lose weight healthily with the Fast Diet. You will also find delicious & healthy recipes for your fasting days

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Lose weight with Intermittent Fasting – how it works

Intermittent fasting is a promising method for losing weight in a healthy and sustainable way. This concept avoids prohibitions and extreme calorie deficits, which is probably one of the reasons why it is so popular. 
Find out what interval fasting is and how you can lose weight successfully with it.

Nutrition, Nutrition, Nutrition, Nutrition, Weight loss

Porridge Diet – Can you really lose weight successfully with it?

The porridge diet is relatively unknown, but extremely effective. It’s not a classic diet where you have to starve yourself all day and don’t get anything tasty. In this article you will learn how you can lose weight sustainably and in the long term with the help of the porridge diet.

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Oatmeal – why it’s the best breakfast for weight loss

Oatmeal or porridge is one of the healthiest breakfast foods out there. In recent years, oatmeal has really become the frontrunner in the breakfast world. Especially when it comes to losing weight, you can’t do without oats. Why oats are so healthy and how they can help you lose weight is explained in today’s blog post.

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Porridge for losing weight – how porridge helps you to become slimmer

The popular porridge, which originally comes from Great Britain, is becoming increasingly popular at breakfast tables around the world. Porridge lovers particularly appreciate the variety of its ingredients, which make it a real power breakfast.

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Muesli diet: Losing weight with muesli – is that possible?

You want to lose weight and are still looking for the right diet? Then the following guide can help you get closer to your goal. The cereal diet is just right for you. With this diet, healthy muesli is eaten in the morning and at noon. We will show you everything you need to know about it.

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Losing weight and healthy living with oats

Oats are a real superfood! They are full of important vitamins and minerals that are good for your body. Thanks to the many fibres and proteins, the nutritious flakes can help you lose weight and increase your well-being! How? You can read about it here.

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BMI calculator for women – what you should know

The body mass index relates a person’s weight and height. With this simple method and the BMI calculator for women, you can quickly determine your BMI value.

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Changing your diet: This is how it works in the long term!

Anyone who has ever tried to gain new energy, live healthier and perhaps even lose a few kilos through changing the diet knows that it is not so easy to continue with healthy eating habits in the long term.  You really want to succeed, and you have overcome the first hurdle, but in the end […]

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Lose weight with nuts

Nuts used to have a bad reputation and were said to be too fat and high in calories for a healthy diet. But this has now changed. If you want to lose weight without starving, you should go for almonds, cashews and other nuts. In this blog post you will learn why nuts are healthy and why, […]

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Our diet determines our weight – is this true?

Whether you gain or lose weight is not only determined by your calorie balance or sports routine, but by a combination of several factors. Some of these are genetic and cannot be influenced, others depend on your lifestyle and diet. However, by choosing the right food you can control your hormone balance and thus you […]

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Is exercise enough to lose weight?

Almost everyone probably knows how it feels like to not be completely comfortable in his or her skin and to have the desire to lose some weight. Since it is not so easy for everyone to change the diet from one day to the next or to do without their beloved chocolate bar or chip […]

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Losing weight with porridge – is that even possible?

The fact that oatmeal contributes to a healthy diet and can even help you to lose weight has not only been known since warm breakfast or porridge has been enjoying a renaissance. Porridge was already on the menu of poor working-class families a hundred and more years ago. No wonder, as it was easy and […]

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Losing weight with the oat diet – is that possible?

Oats are healthy – that is undisputed. Due to the long-chain carbohydrates which are contained and the high amount of dietary fibres, oats really make you feel satiated. And that’s exactly why oats are supposed to help you with losing weight. The so-called oat diet consists of mainly eating oat flakes and other oat products. […]

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