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Lose weight: Which sport brings the most?

It is often a long way to the desired figure. Diets are often tedious, expensive and often ineffective. Especially when losing weight, many mistakes can happen. In today’s blog post, we reveal how you can lose weight healthily in combination with sport.

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Keto Diet – These are the best foods

For many people, dieting is part of everyday life. Losing weight is often a difficult undertaking and involves a lot of effort. To help you reach your weight loss goals, we’re introducing the best foods for the keto diet today.

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These are the 5 most common mistakes when building muscle

Want to build muscle? We tell you the five most common mistakes you make when building muscle and how you can avoid them. We also tell you the best foods for building muscle.

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Pre Workout Meal: What to look out for!

For many people, eating before a workout is simply a stomach filler and is often avoided. But in today’s blog post, we’ll tell you why you should definitely include a pre-workout meal in your training routine.

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Fitness breakfast: 5 tips and protein recipes

So it turns out that proteins fulfil important tasks both before and after training. Whether you eat breakfast before or after exercise, our VERIVAL Protein Muesli and Porridge offers the ideal solution for both occasions.

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Post Workout Meal: Here’s how it works best!

The Post Workout Meal is especially important for building muscle and losing weight. In this blog post you will learn how the Post Workout Meal works best and which nutrients you should pay special attention to.

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5 tips for building muscle on a vegetarian diet

Muscle building is a big and important topic for many people. Over the last few years, a healthy lifestyle in combination with sport has become more and more central in the lives of many people. For many, sport is a balance between work and school; for others, sport is more than just a balance and […]

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6 reasons why a warm breakfast is so healthy

Hot breakfasts are a tradition in many cultures. From Ayurvedic teachings to Traditional Chinese Medicine, a warm meal is a cornerstone. And rightly so. Because hot breakfasts, such as porridge, bring a whole host of health benefits to you and your body. In this article, we will take a closer look at exactly what these are.  

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Superfood oat bran – These are the 6 incredible benefits

Oat bran has long been considered a true superfood. This is due to its nutrient density and high fibre content. In this article, we will take a closer look at how you can integrate oat bran into your healthy breakfast, how much you need and what health benefits it offers.

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How to use the calorie calculator for muscle building

If you want to build up muscles, you need plenty of calories. Because carbohydrates, fats and proteins provide energy and support regeneration. But how much is plenty? How many calories does your body actually need to build muscle? We will now take a closer look at these very questions and also clarify what the ideal diet for sport looks like and how the calorie calculator can help you.

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Slow Carbs – Everything you need to know about them

Slow carbs are considered extremely healthy. They have their chemical structure to thank for this. This ensures that the blood sugar level remains constant. This is supposed to ensure lasting satiety, protect against cravings and promote fat loss. But what is the truth behind these claims? In this blog post we will take a closer look at the topic of slow carbs.

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Staying fit through the cold season – how to maintain your weight

While spring and summer entice us to engage in outdoor activities, tennis, volleyball and co. lose their appeal as soon as the temperatures drop. Instead, we snuggle up on the couch and give our bodies the break they deserve. It’s the perfect time to relax and get back to yourself. But for all those who can’t sit still in autumn and winter, we have a few tips in this article on how to stay fit and maintain your weight during the cold season. 

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Beta Glucan – These 4 effects the fibre has on your body

Beta-glucans are dietary fibres with particularly valuable functions in the human body. They are found in oat flakes and oat bran, among other things, and have been shown to lower blood cholesterol levels. Just one portion of porridge for breakfast can lead to the health benefits. Reason enough to take a closer look at beta-glucan.

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How healthy is Clean Eating?

What is Clean Eating? Is this dietary trend healthy? And what can I eat while doing it? These questions and more are addressed in this blog post. You’ll also find out how you can easily prepare a delicious “clean” breakfast. Read it now!

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Clean Eating – Everything you need to know about it

Clean eating is considered a healthy diet that avoids highly processed foods and focuses instead on whole foods. Clean eating, literally translated as pure or clean eating, is said to have a positive effect on health. But how healthy is clean eating really? And how can you integrate it into your healthy breakfast?

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Meal-Prep: 5 helpful tips and recipe ideas

Meal prep is not only on the rise among athletes. The trend from the USA has also gained a foothold in the office and in everyday life. That’s why today we have 5 best tips and recipe ideas to help you become a meal prep pro.

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Porridge without sugar – advantages, preparation and recipe

Porridge is considered extremely healthy and enjoys great popularity. However, sugar is added to many ready-made products. This article explains why this is not ideal, what sugar alternatives are available and what the perfect porridge preparation for a healthy and sugar-reduced breakfast looks like.

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These are the most important nutrients for athletes

If you want to be physically fit, you should pay attention to a healthy diet in addition to a suitable training plan. You should take into account the increased need for nutrients in order to meet the requirements of the respective sport. In this article, you will find out what the ideal diet for sports looks like and what you should pay special attention to.

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Almonds and almond butter: an ideal source of protein

Whether as a delicious topping or a practical snack, almonds are very popular with health-conscious people because they are considered an ideal source of protein. Find out what makes them an excellent source of protein and what other healthy nutrients they contain here.

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3 Protein toppings you need to know about

Oatmeal toppings can enhance your porridge and provide additional nutrients that your body needs.

Learn more about our top 3 toppings for a protein-rich breakfast!

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Which long-lasting energy sources for breakfast are ideal for athletes?

A healthy breakfast can influence the rest of your day in a positive way, especially for athletes who consume a lot of energy. Therefore, it is important that your breakfast is healthy and balanced. Read here how the perfect sport breakfast looks like!

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These are the benefits of a hot breakfast for athletes

You shouldn’t miss out on a hot breakfast, even in summer! We know that sounds contradictory at first glance. However, there are some advantages that you don’t want to miss.

Find out more and what our warm breakfast recommendation is for female athletes!

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What vitamins and minerals do I need as an athlete?

Vitamins and minerals fulfil important functions in the body. Whether essential for the immune system or as a stimulant – a balanced diet ensures that your body can fulfil all its functions. In this article you will learn what you should pay special attention to as an athlete!

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Strengthening the immune system – Which fruits and vegetables are good for the body?

The cells of our immune system must be constantly replenished so that they can adequately protect our organism. Especially the vitamin C in citrus fruits or pomegranates, but also secondary plant compounds in dried fruit can help to support your natural defence to build up a stable immune system.

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Macronutrients – what you should know about them

Macronutrients are important building blocks for our body. The macronutrient distribution plays an important role. You probably know them as protein, fat and carbohydrates. In this article we want to show you how the macronutrients are structured, what their task is in the body and what the optimal intake per day looks like.

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BMI formula – how to calculate the Body Mass Index

The Body Mass Index is a simple tool that quickly gives you an idea of your body weight in relation to your height. All you have to do is enter your height, weight and gender in the BMI calculator or in the BMI formula and you will find out whether you are underweight, normal or […]

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Magnesium – The versatile mineral

Magnesium fulfills a variety of tasks in the body. Among other things, the mineral supports the brain or skeletal muscles.
In the article you will learn the most important details on the topic, such as what your magnesium requirement is or which foods contain particularly high amounts of magnesium.

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Sugar-free breakfast for children?

Of course, every child would love greasy sweet nut nougat cream, sticky cornflakes and sugared strawberries for breakfast. And admittedly: When things have to go quickly in the morning and there is no time to prepare a larger breakfast or eat together in peace, buttered toast with sugary jam is a temptingly quick solution. Find out why less sugar in children’s diets makes sense in this article!

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Strengthen your immune system – sport & exercise for your defences

Our immune system, i.e. everything that is part of our body’s defence system, performs amazingly every day. This is how we stay healthy and fit. It also fends off invaders (e.g. the coronavirus) that we don’t like to see in our bodies. Sport and exercise really boost our defences. So let’s take a closer look at how this works.

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BMI (Body Mass Index) for male & female athletes

The result of the BMI value is used to assess whether you are classified as normal weight, overweight or underweight. Why this value is critical for athletes, you can find out here!

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