Recipe: healthy vegan hazelnut chocolate spread

This purely vegetable hazelnut chocolate cream not only tastes super delicious, but the hazelnuts it contains are also a real brain food, as they enhance your concentration. Hazelnuts also help you lower your cholesterol level, as the small nuts contain a particularly high proportion of omega-6 fatty acids. Nuts in general are very important for […]
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Erdnüsse gesund

Everything you need to know about peanuts

More than 40 million tons of peanuts are harvested annually. Whether pure, salted or in the form of peanut butter, probably just about everyone has already enjoyed this food. But did you know that, strictly speaking, the peanut is not even considered as a nut? Find out in this blog post what else there is to know, […]
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Mindesthaltbarkeit bei Müsli MHD

What to do when your muesli is expired!

The best before date, or BBD for short, has always been a major issue in people’s minds. What happens if the date is exceeded? Will I get sick from expired food? Many people ask themselves these questions every day. But what about muesli and other breakfast products? And even more precisely: what is it like […]
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Recipe: Porridge balls

Our delicious porridge balls are very easy to prepare. You don’t need a stove or oven, just mix the dough and shape the balls. We have used Bircher Porridge for the recipe, but you can also use any other Verival Porridge.
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Die Mandel – kleines Multitalent mit großer Wirkung

The almond – a small all-rounder with great effect

No matter if brown, blanched, roasted, as splinters, flakes or as a whole. Almonds with their sweetish mild taste are popular among many. But why is the almond such an all-rounder? How is it grown and where does the almond come from? The answers to these questions and much more interesting information about almonds can […]
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The hazelnut: a nut to go nuts for

In this blog post you will learn everything you need to know about hazelnuts. Find out what nutritional values the hazelnut has, where it comes from, how healthy it is and in which recipes it is used. Learn about the handling of the nut and why it is the perfect food for your brain and nerves. Find out […]
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Home Office

7 tips to successfully work from home

For many people, it may already be normal to work from home and home office is already an integral part of their daily work routine. After all, many companies have been offering this possibility for some time.  But not everyone finds the transition to working from home easy. After all, the separation between work and […]
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vegetarischer Salat

How healthy is it really to be a vegetarian?

Being a vegetarian and still being healthy? Yeah, that is possible. However, the myth that a meatless diet causes many deficiency symptoms and is therefore unhealthy is still persistent. In fact, vegetarians are statistically healthier than meat eaters. The most important thing is to eat a balanced diet, whether with or without meat. Find out […]
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