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Hektar Nektar and bee protection

Since 2018 we have been supporting Hektar Nektar in their PROJECT 2028, which aims to increase the bee population by ten percent over the next ten years through the targeted support of apiarists. In today’s blog post, we would like to introduce the company Hektar Nektar and its project in more detail to you. The […]
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How to make different plant-based drinks yourself

Having less cow’s milk and switching to plant-based alternatives has really become more popular in the last years. We believe that plant-based drinks can be easily integrated into breakfast and is also another step towards more sustainability. Whether with porridge, muesli or crunchy, delicious plant-based drinks simply go with everything. In this blog post, we […]
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Am I allowed to eat sugar at all?

Probably everyone who has followed the headlines of the sugar debate in recent years, has at least once asked themselves this question. In kindergartens, fruit platters are served instead of birthday cakes, alternative sweeteners experience a real boom and the range of products without added sugar increases on every supermarket shelf – it’s ketchup, soft […]
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The history of the Porridge

If you order a porridge at a fancy breakfast place, you probably don’t think about porridge being one of the oldest foods there is. The warm oat meal is really at trend at the moment, highly praised for its digestible ingredients and its effects on our energy balance and blood sugar levels. Entering “Porridge Recipes” […]
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The Granola & its history

We all know it. We all love it. The Granola. With its cookie-like texture and fine sweetness, the granola is an important part of many breakfast bowls. The baked cereal clusters provide your breakfast with the ideal bite and your body with enough energy for a perfect start into the day. The Granola and its […]
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What does organic mean?

Organic. Well known and to be seen in every supermarket. Organic has become a universal term for healthy and sustainable food. As a manufacturer of organic breakfast, it is of course particularly important to us. However, many people buy organic products and try to live “organically” without really knowing what is hidden behind the term. […]
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Klettern Muskeln

Muscle building through vegan proteins

You’re vegan and want to build muscles? Is that even possible without animal proteins? Vegan nutrition There are several health benefits that people who follow a vegan diet and thus do not consume any animal products gain from their decision. A vegan diet can reduce the risk of heart diseases, high blood pressure and the […]
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