Everything you need to know about a healthy diet with oatmeal

As the main ingredient of muesli or porridge, oat flakes have become an indispensable part of many breakfast tables. They are also an important component in sports nutrition, for example in muesli bars. Oat flakes are considered as a superfood and because they don’t have to be transported halfway around the world, they are more […]
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4 ways to get your circulation going

Who doesn’t know it? You get up in the morning and your circulation goes crazy. You stagger into the bathroom, make an effort to get ready, and even at work the circulation is not yet at full speed. Such circulation problems, especially in the morning, affect many of us. A common cause of circulatory issues […]
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Besten Bergsportarten in Österreich

The best mountain sports in Austria

When you think of Austria, the mountains are probably one of the first things that come to your mind. For us at Verival, the mountains play a very special role. Our production and headquarters are located in the middle of Tyrol and the Tyrolean Alps. Therefore, the mountains are very close to our company’s heart. […]
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5 Tipps wie du Porridge selber machen kannst - Grundrezept Haferbrei

5 tips how to make your own porridge

You probably already know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Porridge is also becoming more and more popular as an option for a warm breakfast. In this article we will explain to you how to prepare your own delicious breakfast porridge and how to refine your porridge. What actually is porridge? […]
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Good morning from London

In our series „Good morning from…” we introduce you to our favourite breakfast places in different cities. Our colleague Victoria is a big London fan and loves having breakfast in this metropolis. Today she introduces you to her favourite places. Some of them are even available several times in London, so that no matter where you are, […]
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Abnehmen mit Hafer Haferdiät

Losing weight with the oat diet – is that possible?

Oats are healthy – that is undisputed. Due to the long-chain carbohydrates which are contained and the high amount of dietary fibres, oats really make you feel satiated. And that’s exactly why oats are supposed to help you with losing weight. The so-called oat diet consists of mainly eating oat flakes and other oat products. […]
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Ist Porridge gesund?

How healthy porridge really is

For many, breakfast is an integral part of every morning and the warm porridge is a key component at the breakfast table. But only very few people are actually aware of the fact that porridge is a dish with a thousand-year-old history. Today, there are various porridge variations which can be found on almost every […]
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