Which nutrients are contained in porridge?

It’s no secret that porridge is a healthy breakfast. The breakfast trend does not only look good on Instagram pictures, but also is good for your body. We took a closer look at porridge, which is also called oatmeal. You will find out in this blog post which important nutrients you can find in the […]
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5 tips for a romantic start into Valentine’s Day

Many people associate Valentine’s Day with kitsch, but it doesn’t have to be a huge bouquet of flowers and the most expensive heart-shaped box of chocolate. Valentine’s Day should be all about spending time together, whether with your partner, friends or family. For us, a romantic day naturally begins with a hearty breakfast together! Especially […]
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Our favourite ski areas and huts around Tirol

Situated in the middle of the Tyrolean Alps, we are naturally drawn to the mountains this time of year. There we can pursue our favourite winter sports and enjoy the fantastic snow-covered landscapes. Besides skiing we are also big fans of snowboarding, ski touring or sledding. The beautiful slopes offer you the chance to pursue […]
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Is it better to have breakfast before or after training?

Have you ever asked yourself whether it makes more sense to have breakfast before or after doing sports? As with many questions, there is not only one correct answer. In order to judge whether you should have breakfast before or after you need to take into account the goal you are pursuing with your sporting activity. After […]
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Porridge mit frischen Früchten

Porridge preparation – what you should know!

A warm porridge in the morning makes you feel good and keeps you full for a long time. There are many reasons why the nutritious and very healthy porridge is so popular again. Porridge does not only provide you with many nutrients but is also prepared within just a few minutes. All you need is […]
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Ayurveda Gewürze

Ayurveda nutrition – that’s what’s behind it!

Ayurveda – a term we mainly know in our western cultures from the wellness sector or in connection with healthy nutrition. However, Ayurveda means one thing above all: listening to your body and its signals. Ayurvedic doctors are masters in recognizing disturbing signals of your body and thus diagnosing diseases. Mostly these are due to […]
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Habe ich eine Lebensmittelallergie?

Do I have food allergies?

More and more people nowadays have allergic reactions to food. This is due to many different factors. It is often said in this context that people have simply become hypersensitive. This is not true. The methods for detecting allergies or intolerances have improved considerably, as have the treatments. All these things did not exist in […]
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Diabetes – What naturally lowers blood sugar levels?

Diabetes. For many, this is initially a shock diagnosis, because the disease diabetes mellitus is associated with insulin, a sugar-free diet and strict blood sugar controls. The worst thing for many is the feared loss of quality of life, because suddenly everything that tastes good seems unsuitable. But is that really the case? Does my […]
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omega-3-fettsäuren ernährung

Omega-3 fatty acids – how they work and where to find them

The term “omega-3 fatty acids” has become increasingly popular in recent years. Books are written on the subject, omega-3 fatty acids are listed on certain foods and sold as dietary supplements. And there is a very simple reason for that: Omega-3 fatty acids are essential for the human body – that much we can already […]
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So öko sind Pflanzendrinks wirklich

How sustainable are plant-based drinks really?

Oat, almond, soy, rice, coconut drinks and many other varieties are becoming more and more popular. They belong to the group of plant-based milk alternatives and have become an indispensable part of every supermarket. Vegetable drinks are milk substitutes, but an EU directive states that the word milk may no longer be used for them. […]
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