Muesli is a delicious and digestible breakfast in the morning. It is healthy and also helps with digestive problems. Muesli stimulates intestinal activity and gives you a good start to the day. Muesli and porridge give you a balanced and healthy diet.

What are the ingredients of a classic muesli?

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A classic muesli for a healthy diet contains fresh fruit, berries, oatmeal, nuts, granola, seeds and kernels. These ingredients provide you with essential vitamins, fibre, carbohydrates and minerals to keep you energised.

Bircher muesli, for example, is very soothing to the stomach, making it an ideal comfort food. If muesli is too cold for you in winter, try a warm Bircher porridge. It’s healthy for the intestines and tastes good.

Cereals are still a staple food worldwide and help with digestive problems. In addition to the well-known varieties such as wheat, rye, spelt and others, there are now many tasty or gluten-free alternatives.

To spice up your healthy muesli, you can stir in fresh fruit depending on the season. Popular fruits are strawberries, blueberries or raspberries.

If you like your muesli crunchy, add some granola. The crunch adds sweetness and extra crunch to your breakfast.

If you want to exercise after breakfast, chia seeds are a great addition to your muesli. They contain lots of plant proteins and proteins that you need for your workout.

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Basic recipe: Muesli

Total Time5 mins
Servings: 1 serving
Calories: 300kcal


  • 50 g oat flakes
  • 150 ml milk or plant drink
  • 1 tbsp yoghurt or vegan alternative
  • 1 tbsp honey
  • 2 tbsp lemon juice
  • fruits and nuts of your choice


  • The oatmeal goes in a bowl. 
  • Pour the milk or the vegan drink into the bowl as well. 
  • Stir in the honey and yoghurt. 
  • Next, add the lemon juice. 
  • Now let your muesli soak for 5 minutes. 
  • Finally, you can garnish your muesli with fruits or nuts of any kind. 


Calories: 300kcal

The benefits of oats for the gut

Oats and oatmeal are healthy and recommended for the gut. They are full of fibre and complex carbohydrates that have a positive effect on your gastrointestinal tract. They also keep your blood sugar levels from spiking, so you don’t get hungry and stay full for a long time. Oats are also healthy for your skin, hair, and nails.

How can muesli be healthy for the gut?

One of the benefits of eating muesli is that it strengthens the intestinal flora. The gastrointestinal tract is not so sluggish and you don’t have unwanted flatulence. With muesli you can influence your well-being and a good mental and physical performance. You regenerate faster and are simply more efficient.

These ingredients in muesli can positively influence your digestion


Oatmeal contains a lot of fibre, which our digestive system needs. They promote intestinal activity and protect the intestines. The soluble fibres are broken down by bacteria. These bacteria are important for our intestinal flora. When the dietary fibres are broken down, fatty acids are produced that bind harmful substances, protect our intestines and thus maintain a healthy defence system.

Because of the complex carbohydrates in oats, your stomach takes longer to break down each molecule. This means your blood sugar levels stay constant and you stay fuller for longer. Oats are also full of protein, which provides you with energy.

Chia seeds

Chia seeds and their effect: myth or miracle seed?

Chia seeds are healthy and great for your gut and can be added to any cereal. The superfood from South America shines with an extremely high protein content, but also provides high-quality fat – similar to linseed. Chia seeds are rich in calcium, iron and antioxidants. They bind water very well, which is why they are used as a vegetable binder. For the same reason, however, you should drink enough to accompany dishes with chia seeds.


You can also safely mix buckwheat into your muesli. It is a pseudo-cereal (knotweed family), gluten-free and, therefore, ideal for people with coeliac disease. Buckwheat provides high-quality protein and can be bought in stores as flakes, flour and noodles.


The foxtail plant belongs to the pseudo-cereals, is gluten-free and offers an excellent plant-based source of iron – ideal for all those on a vegetarian or vegan diet. Amaranth also provides a lot of magnesium and calcium. The light brown seeds are relatively small and taste great cooked as a side dish or in a vegetable stir-fry and salad. Flaked or popped, amaranth is a delicious crunch ingredient in muesli. Always pack in an airtight container and store in a cool place.


With almost 14% protein, the goosefoot plant is a super supplier of plant protein – and of high biological value. Quinoa is particularly rich in iron and provides significant amounts of potassium and magnesium. Quinoa is very easy to cook. It goes well in muesli, salads, vegetable pans, as a base for roasts or simply as a side dish like rice. Important for all those who do not tolerate grains well: quinoa is gluten-free.

Urkorn Bircher Muesli from Verival

What should I look for in muesli?

You should look for long-chain carbohydrates in your muesli and avoid too much sugar. Dried fruits are very good for your health and nutrition and also act as a natural sweetener.

Are you in a hurry again in the morning? Then mix your muesli in advance and take it with you to work in the morning. Or you can mix your muesli with milk, water or yoghurt in the evening and leave it in the fridge overnight. The next morning you’ll have delicious overnight oats that you can garnish with nuts and fresh fruit.

Muesli variety from Verival – healthy for the gut

At Verival, we love a healthy breakfast. That’s why we only use the best organic ingredients in our mueslis, which are lovingly mixed together by hand. We use very little sugar and have something for everyone. Whether vegan, gluten-free or sugar-free, you don’t have to do without anything with our organic mueslis. We also have the classic Bircher muesli in the best organic quality in our range.

Other flavours include Cranberry-Cherry, Coconut-Apricot, or a Heritage Grains Berry Muesli. If you are an athlete, you should try our Grain Free Sport Muesli. This protein source is ideal for your workout and provides you with enough energy.

Whether you prefer to make your own muesli or use ready-made mixes, it’s part of a healthy breakfast. Muesli contains important nutrients that are good for your gut and taste good too.

Das Original Bircher Müsli Rezept - Verival

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