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Apple-Cinnamon Granola

Apple-Cinnamon Granola
  • Handmade in Tyrol
  • Gluten-free
  • Palm oil free
  • With high-quality ceylon cinnamon
  • Wholegrain
  • Rich in fibre
  • Vegan

Crispy granola made from gluten-free wholegrain oat flakes with apple and cinnamon - handmade in Tyrol. 100% organic, gluten-free and without palm oil.

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With the power of plants


According to the AOECS celiac standards

Rich in fibre

Keeps you full for a long time

Palm oil free

For the sake of the rainforest

100% organic

From sustainable agriculture

Organic manufactory

We produce for 30 years in Tyrol 

Crispy & gluten-free - the first gluten-free granola from Verival

Granola is an integral part of many breakfast lovers' morning rituals. Now, for the first time, this delicious breakfast creation is also available completely gluten-free. In the Apple-Cinnamon Granola, gluten-free wholegrain oats provide a biscuit-like texture and are combined with fruity apples and cinnamon to give it a pleasant sweetness. The granola is gently baked in the oven without any palm oil. Do yourself and your body some good, because the crunchy breakfast not only tastes delicious, but also consists of wholegrain oat flakes, which contain lots of fibre, vitamins, and minerals. Wholegrains regulate the blood sugar level and keep you full longer. So, cravings don't stand a chance. In addition, the dietary fibre contained ensure healthy digestion.

We love the morning, the mountains and breakfast

We have been making exceptional organic breakfast for 30 years in Langkampfen in Tyrol together with our small team of great organic friends.

  • 100% Made in Austria
  • From sustainable agriculture
  • Without colorings and flavorings
  • Without preservatives
  • GMO-free

Powerfood oats

The regional superfood is full of beta-glucans, which lower blood sugar and cholesterol levels. In addition, oats contain many vitamins and minerals such as magnesium, iron, potassium and B vitamins. 

Healthy cinnamon

Cinnamon is generally considered a natural remedy and has many beneficial properties on your body. Just 1 gram of cinnamon per day regulates the blood sugar level and helps with type 2 diabetes. Moreover, cinnamon also plays a role in losing weight, as it indirectly promotes fat loss.

Apples - high in vitamins

Apples are true vitamin bombs. They activate your metabolism and regulate blood lipids and cholesterol.

Nutritional information


Crunchy* 93% (gluten free wholegrain oat flakes*, cane sugar*, high-oleic sunflower oil*, coconut flakes*, wholegrain crisped rice*, salt), apple cubes* 6%, ceylon cinnamon* 1%. 

Origin oat: EU 

*) Certified organic.

  • May contain traces of sesame seeds, soybeans and nuts.
  • Packed in protective atmosphere.
  • Store in a cool, dry place. 
  • gluten free

Nutrition table (data per 100g)

Energy in Kilojoule 1814 kJ
Energy in Kilocalories 432 kcal
Fat 16 g
of which saturated 4,6 g
Carbohydrates 59 g
of which sugars 19 g
Fibre 8 g
Protein 9,1 g
Salt 0,11 g

100% wholesome

Carbohydrates 59%

Protein 9,1%

Fibre 8%

Fat 16%

100% wholesome means:

With one portion of crunchy you eat a balanced and healthy meal. All important basic building blocks are supplied to your organism. And this is best done right at the start of the day!

We all know it. We all love it. The Crunchy. But how is it produced? We still make our Verival C... more

We all know it. We all love it. The Crunchy. But how is it produced? We still make our Verival Crunchy by hand - just like you would do it at home, only in larger dimensions. First, the ingredients are mixed together to form a dough, then spread out on a large baking tray and finally gently baked in the oven with sunflower oil. After baking, the large biscuit is broken into many small pieces. Depending on the product, other ingredients, such as berries, are also added. Now our Verival Crunchy is ready to give you a crispy start to the day!



Palm oil is the most widely used vegetable oil and consumption has increased enormously in recen... more

Palm oil is the most widely used vegetable oil and consumption has increased enormously in recent years. To produce it, however, rainforest is cleared, and many animals and people lose their habitat. At Verival we are aware of the negative effects of palm oil and do not use it. We focus on sustainability and therefore use sunflower oil, or more precisely high-oleic sunflower oil. This is an oil that is very rich in oleic acid and can therefore be heated to high temperatures without any problems. This is what makes our Crunchy so beautifully crispy when baked.

Consumption of the 4 most important vegetable oils worldwide 2019/20


Tortengrafik Palmöl
Full grain for full energy

Full grain for full energy

Whole grains are cereals in which all 3 parts of the grain (part I = husk, part II = endosperm, part III = germ) are processed. This ensures that fibre, vitamins, oils and minerals are ideally preserved. Whole grain can be made from all types of cereals. For our Crunchys we use oats, barley, spelt and wheat. These help to keep the blood sugar level constant, lead to a long feeling of satiety and support digestion. The energy store emptied overnight can therefore be optimally replenished with whole grain.

The future belongs to recycling

The future belongs to recycling

We are convinced of this. After all, the aim must be to extend the life cycle of existing materials as much as possible so that fewer resources are needed to produce new materials. This is why we focus on recyclability in our packaging and are pleased that our breakfast products have been awarded the "Made for Recycling" certificate. You can find out more about packaging on our social responsibility page.

360° Social Responsibility

360° Social Responsibility

We have been making organic breakfast for more than 30 years - and are one of Austria's absolute organic pioneers. Respectful treatment of people and the environment is therefore our highest priority. For this reason, we have committed ourselves to a 360° Social Responsibility Model, which revolves around these 5 points:

  • Focus on small organic farms
  • Enhancing biodiversity
  • Sustainable packaging
  • Support for environmentally friendly and healthy nutrition
  • Promotion of diversity and women in management positions

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Frequently asked questions

Why Crunchy & Granola from Verival?

Our Verival Crunchy is not only crunchy, but also high in fibre, 100% organic and palm oil free. The Crunchy made from wholegrain oat flakes is handmade with high quality ingredients in Tyrol.

How do I prepare my Apple-Cinnamon Granola?

Your granola is best prepared with milk, yoghurt or a plant-based alternative. But you can also use it as a topping or just snack on it.

Why are the crunchy clusters in my product not always the same size?

The clusters are not always the same size because our crunchies and granolas are handmade. After baking, the Crunchy is broken into smaller pieces and with this process we cannot guarantee an exact size of the clusters. However, the handwork has the advantage that we always have everything in view and the quality in our own hands.

Are oats gluten-free?

Oats are naturally gluten-free but are often contaminated with gluten-containing grains during production - mainly in the mill. The Verival oats used in our Apple-Cinnamon Granola are strictly separated from other grains from cultivation to harvesting, transport and processing and are therefore gluten-free. You can therefore enjoy our Apple-Cinnamon Granola even if you have a gluten intolerance.

Customer evaluation for "Apple-Cinnamon Granola"
28 Mar 2022

Sehr lecker!

Kann es nur empfehlen!

28 Mar 2022

Mmmmhhh, lecker!

Mmmhhh, lecker!

24 Mar 2022

Absoluter Favorit

Wer die Kombi Apfel-Zimt mag sollte unbedingt dieses Granola probieren

24 Mar 2022

Super lecker!

Top Qualität - kann ich nur jedem empfehlen :)

24 Mar 2022

natürlich und gut

Schmeckt sehr natürlich nach Apfel-Zimt und hat eine angenehme Süße.

24 Mar 2022

Sehr lecker

24 Mar 2022


Schmeckt super gut nach Zimt und Äpfeln und dann auch noch glutenfrei - Spitze !!

10 Mar 2022


Super tolles glutenfreies Knusper Müsli, toller Apfel Zimt geschmack.
Danke an das ganze Team ihr habt mit all euren Produkten super arbeit geleistet.

Admin 24 Mar 2022

Danke dir vielmals für dein Feedback Franziska!

19 Oct 2021


Endlich ein glutenfreies Crunchy, welches auch noch super gut schmeckt! Tolles Produkt - weiter so :-)

23 Sep 2021

Schmeckt nach Weihnachten

Leckerer Apfel-Zimt Geschmack, wirklich zu empfehlen!

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