It’s spring again. Life awakens from hibernation, trees and flowers begin to grow and flourish. But for many people spring does not automatically mean having more energy. Many people are tired, feel limp and do not really get going. This is due to a special circumstance – the so-called spring fever. This does not affect all people in the same way, many are not influenced at all, while others feel very affected. So how should one proceed when springtime lethargy thwarts your plans? We have put together some tips and remedies against spring fever for you.

What is meant by spring fever?

Generally, it is like this: in winter the body has a lower body temperature than in summer. In spring this change is very debilitating for many people. The body needs some time to get used to the new circumstances. During this process the blood vessels dilate, causing the blood pressure to drop.

How does spring fever manifest itself?

Furthermore, the body’s own reserves of serotonin are empty. Serotonin is a messenger substance that ensures that all nerve cords in the brain work properly. But not all people are affected by spring fever. Women, young people, weather-sensitive people and people with low blood pressure are particularly affected.

What deficiency do I have with fatigue?

Fatigue is usually an imbalance that occurs in the body. Your body wants to tell you, “Stop, I need time to refuel.” Here, sufficient sleep and healthy food can provide a quick remedy. Fatigue is sometimes accompanied by a lack of nutrients, such as iron deficiency. So, if you suspect a deficiency, it is definitely advisable to do a blood count in consultation with your general practitioner. However, many deficiencies can already be compensated for by proper nutrition.

Often it is also a psychological condition that leads to fatigue. Sun, fresh air and a little exercise are essential here. Go for a walk in the fresh air. Sit on your balcony. Just do the things that are best for you. A healthy mind accompanies a healthy body – that is an important basic rule.

Powerless – what now?

So, what can you do against this aching fatigue? On the one hand you should try to do sports. Sport helps to get the blood pressure and circulation going. Here we can also recommend our sports range – it gives you the right energy for a more active everyday life. It is also helpful to eat consciously. A healthy, vitamin-rich diet with lots of fruit and vegetables provides us with important vitamins and nutrients. Bananas for example contain serotonin – that helps! Another tip is contrast showers. Contrast showers means turning on hot and cold water alternately. This helps to get the circulation going. It is also important to spend a lot of time in the sun. This boosts serotonin production.

How long does spring fever last?

There is no exact point in time for the end of spring fever. As a rule of thumb, however, the symptoms should not last longer than 4-6 weeks. If the symptoms last much longer, maybe even do not stop for months, you should consult a doctor. Fatigue and listlessness can have other reasons than spring fever.

What can be done in the morning to combat fatigue?

In the morning most people struggle with tiredness. It is often incredibly difficult to get out of bed or to get going after getting up. An extended, preferably warm, breakfast will help against this. A delicious warm porridge provides you with lots of energy and keeps you full for a long time. If breakfast is enjoyed warm, nutrients are better absorbed, and the body needs less energy. So, a warm breakfast not only gets your circulation going, but also helps you not to become hungry, weak and tired again so quickly. You can refine your porridge according to your mood with nuts, fresh berries, seeds or some honey, which not only provides additional nutrients, but also is more fun.

Another tip: Get up straight after waking up! Don’t stay in bed too long when you first wake up in the morning. If you press the snooze button too often, you won’t really get going all day. Better get up quickly and take a shower – it’ll wake you up.

A good and balanced breakfast naturally helps with fatigue, as it provides you with important nutrients and vitamins. But also try to eat healthy snacks during the day, for example a handful of nuts or fruit, and of course drink enough water. This way nothing can ruin your mood in the fight against spring fever!


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