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Running is only fun in the sun and when it’s warm outside? We disagree! It’s not about weather conditions but about good equipment and the right attitude. We joined Kathi and Lena for a run in Vienna before they take off to their training camp on Grand Canary and asked them for helpful tipps and tricks on how to go from couch potato to outdoor lover.

1. It’s the clothes

You’ll be warm within a matter of minutes when you run. You most likely will be sweating later on, however, so it’s best to go with functional underwear. It’s designed to eliminate perspiration from the skin so you never get soaking wet. On top of that wear a running shirt, a warm sweater or a jacket, a light headband and some gloves that protect you from the potentially icy wind. And there you go! Although color doesn’t influence performance choosing your favorite combo might help you overcome the lack of willpower that is holding you back from just doing it!

2. Together is always better

Find a running buddy who you meet up with consistently. If one of you tries to skip a date the other one will push them to keep going. The only thing that’s important here is that you pick someone who is on the same fitness level as you are. Otherwise you’ll just get discouraged or – even worse – you’ll never see any progress.

Motiviert im Laufschritt Richtung Frühling mit Kathi & Lena

Always highly motivated: Kathi & Lena

3. Warm up first, cool down after

Nothing is worse than being totally motivated and then having to give in after only 10 minutes. Use your resources wisely, especially in the winter, and make sure you warm up properly at low speed first.

4. Stay hydrated!

If you think staying hydrated is only important in the summer you might want to reconsider that thought. There’s a rule of thumb that says you should drink about 33ml of water per kg per day. And for every sport session you should add one extra liter. That way you’ll be speared the dreaded headache and muscle cramps.

5. Discover new routes

You will be bored pretty soon if you only ever go running in the same park or area. By changing up your routine and finding new places to discover you’ll not only be positively distracted by the unknown but time will go by a lot faster, too! How about challenging your running buddy to keep finding new routes for your runs? We bet it will be a super exciting experience every time.

Give your energy levels a quick boost with the right power breakfast.

Give your energy levels a quick boost with the right power breakfast.

6. Breathe properly and be one step ahead

Always get a sore throat after your run? If that isn’t a complete bummer… Make sure you always breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth. That way your body has time to warm up the cold air before it reaches the lungs.

7.  Get in a powerful breakfast

You don’t like running on an empty stomach? Have a banana about 30 minutes before your run to give your energy levels a quick boost without having to worry about a full belly. Porridge, Overnight Oats and even Chia Pudding are great breakfast meals to have but make sure you eat them at least 2 hours in advance. And what about after your workout? Your muscles will love a regenerative combination of carbohydrates and good protein! An awesome combo would be Muesli with yoghurt, soy yoghurt, milk or any other plant based milk.

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But for now: Put on your running shoes and go!


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