We all know it. We all love it. The Granola. With its cookie-like texture and fine sweetness, the granola is an important part of many breakfast bowls. The baked cereal clusters provide your breakfast with the ideal bite and your body with enough energy for a perfect start into the day.

The Granola and its history

The typical granola contains crispy, puffed and sweetened cereals other than cornflakes. The granola first became popular in cereal bowls around 1930 and soon rose up to be childrens’ favourite breakfast, not least because of the cute mascots on the packs.

The typical preparation of Granola

This is how granola is typically prepared: oat flakes or other cereal flakes and various ingredients are blended together and then baked in the oven with some kind of oil. For our VERIVAL Granolas, we use ingredients such as raw cane sugar (for the texture), honey, freeze-dried fruit, chocolate, coconut flakes and many more. We carefully mix these ingredients together and bake them with sunflower oil instead of palm oil. They have a very unique biscuity and sweet taste and will definitely crunch up your breakfast in the most delicious way.

Typical ingredients for our VERIVAL Granolas and why we love them:

  • Oat flakes: are rich in fibre, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants
  • Wholegrain rice crispies: for a light little extra crunch
  • Coconut flakes: are a good source of fat and also contain the vitamins, B2, B6 and E
  • Various fruits: for a fresh and fruity note (To make sure their taste is well contained, we like to use freeze-dried berries as ingredients in our granola mixes. Moreover, we highly recommend to top the breakfast bowl off with fresh, seasonal fruit.)
  • Honey: contains anti-inflammatory enzymes, bioactive substances and antioxidants

All ingredients in our VERIVAL Granolas are of course completely organic.

The best ways to prepare our Granolas:

We love our Granolas as a topping for fresh fruit or smoothies and milkshakes. Of course, the Granolas can also be mixed with muesli and combined with your favourite milk, plant-based drink or yoghurt. By the way, Granola can also be used to create delicious desserts, for example a granola fondue with friends:

Granola Fondue – the recipe

The granola fondue is the casually light brunch variant of the classic fondue experience. Surprise your friends with fresh fruit to dip in creamy Greek yoghurt, smooth nut butter, fine chocolate and delicious granola. To the fondue forks, ready, go!

Muesli fondue
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Granola-Fondue – a real hit for a brunch with friends


  • VERIVAL Chocolate Granola
  • VERIVAL Berry Granola
  • VERIVAL Spelt Granola
  • Fresh seasonal fruit such as strawberries, raspberries, pineapple, apple etc.
  • Nut butter
  • Yoghurt dip
  • Melted chocolate


  • Wash some fruit of your choice and slice them into small pieces.
  • Put some yogurt into a bowl and sweeten it a little bit with a sweetener of your choice (i.e. honey, agave or maple syrup etc.).
  • Put some nut butter such as almond butter into another bowl.
  • Melt some chocolate and put it in other bowl.
  • Put the granolas into a bigger bowl from a chocolate fondue set, for example.
  • Equip everyone with a fondue fork or a wooden skewer and let's go!


Tip: If you don’t have a chocolate fondue set with forks at home, simply grab some wooden skewers. The more colourful and varied the bowls are, the better!

Let us know on Facebook or Instagram in the comments which Verival Granola you like best and which should therefore never be missing in your breakfast bowl.

Alexandra Wiesinger

Gesunde Ernährung spielt für mich sowohl persönlich als auch in meinem beruflichen Kontext eine große Rolle. Deswegen probiere ich gerne neue Rezepte aus und teile hier mit euch meine Tipps für einen gesunden Lebensstil und leckeres nahrhaftes Frühstück.   Dabei ist es mir besonders wichtig einen klaren Überblick über verschiedene Ernährungsthemen zu geben und euch alltagstaugliche Tipps mit an die Hand zu geben.   Mein liebstes Verival Produkt: das Himbeer-Kakao Sport Porridge mit Haferkleie. Zu meinem Lieblingsprodukt

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