For many people, it may already be normal to work from home and home office is already an integral part of their daily work routine. After all, many companies have been offering this possibility for some time. 

But not everyone finds the transition to working from home easy. After all, the separation between work and private life and the distractions it causes can be a challenge. That’s why we would like to introduce you to our best home office tips and make working from home a little more appealing to you.

Benefits of home office

  • No long journey to work
  • Weather does not matter
  • Ultimate feel-good atmosphere
  • Favourite food and drinks always nearby
  • No queuing in front of the bathroom or the coffee machine
  • You control the volume – absolute silence or loud music
  • Multitasking – wash your clothes or vacuum quickly during your break
  • Never miss the delivery of an online order
  • Possibility to move from the desk directly into bed
  • No chance to forget something at home
  • Free choice of outfit
  • Time for an extensive breakfast and a long shower

Tips for being productive at home

1. Set fixed working hours

A great advantage of working from home is that you can adapt your working hours to your natural rhythm. If you prefer to get up a little later in the morning, just move your working hours back a little, provided of course you don’t have any telephone meetings in the morning. The same applies to early risers. Find the right time for you and your most productive hours. 

However, you should make sure you set a time frame so that you really use your time to work, and the rest of the day for your private and recreational activities. Try to get up at about the same time every day to develop routines.

2. Take breaks

At least as important as fixed working hours are breaks. Especially if you have to concentrate for a long time, work a lot on the computer and sit for hours on end, a break can work wonders. Whether you just get a glass of water, air out or go for a little walk in the fresh air is entirely up to you. A little exercise and fresh air will get your circulation going, help the blood flow and increase your attention and concentration.

3. Create a pleasant working environment

At home you may be tempted to work in bed. But you will soon realize that this is rather unproductive in most cases. It is better to create a tidy workplace where you have all the important things within reach and which is, at best, away from other distractions. 

Now and then, of course, a little diversion should not be missing. You can also grab your laptop and change rooms depending on what works best for you.

4. Change your clothes – also at home

A tip you hear over and over again: Change your clothes. Of course, it doesn’t have to be a blouse and blazer at home, but neither pyjamas. Many people like to dress neatly, put on make-up and style their hair, others prefer it a little more comfortable and without make-up. The basic idea is to consciously change into a different phase of the day with “work clothes”. Just find out what feels best for you.

5. A nutritious breakfast

Of course, a healthy, nutritious breakfast should not be missing. Provide your body with vitamins and fibre to further increase your productivity and do something about fatigue and laziness.

Especially if you usually tend to take your breakfast quickly on the way, you finally have the possibility to enjoy your breakfast properly. During our morning rituals an extensive breakfast, which provides us with enough energy during the day, should not be missing.

A healthy breakfast and the right snacks help you concentrate

6. Healthy snacks

Healthy snacks, such as nuts or fruit, help your concentration. Our nut mixes contain lots of vitamins, minerals and proteins that can help you get over feeling tired.

7. Eliminate distractions in the home office

The greatest difficulty is not to be distracted. Whether it’s household chores or simply the urge to have a relaxed day and chat with your best friend. 

There are many things you can easily get out of the way, for example by tidying up the evening before in order to start the next day’s work productively. 

Also set an approximate time for private phone calls so that you are not disturbed during your actual working hours and set up further tasks before or after work. It can also help considerably if you make sure that you always keep your immediate working environment tidy. Then it will be easier for you to maintain your concentration in your home office.


Find out what works best for you. It is clear that the change does not always work from one day to the next, often you have to try out for a few days how it works best for you. But that doesn’t have to be a bad thing, on the contrary, maybe working in your own comfortable atmosphere will help you to be even more creative and productive.

Katrin Atzlinger

Content Creator

Neben meiner Tätigkeit in der kreativen Content Production wie Fotografie schreibe ich auch regelmäßig für den Blog. Ansonsten interessiere ich mich sehr für Themen wie Nachhaltigkeit und gesunde Ernährung und liebe es, diese spannend aufzubereiten.

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