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5 years of beach volleyball with Kathi and Lena – Our Verival Athletes 4.0

Kathi Schützenhöfer and Lena Plesiutschnig moved to Vienna in 2014 to turn their hobby of playing volleyball into a profession. The two friends have been playing indoor and beach volleyball together since they were 15 years old and have won several tournaments since then.

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How to prepare the perfect Mother’s Day surprise

What do mothers and a good morning have in common? The sun rises with them! Mother’s Day is a wonderful occasion to spoil your mum and say thank you. And what better way to do that than with a relaxing morning and a delicious breakfast? In this article you will find out how you can make […]

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What you can do in three minutes while your porridge swells

Sometimes we leave our home already stressed and in a bad mood. We all experience it, because often it simply has to go fast in the mornings. But when preparing your breakfast, you can easily save yourself a little time. Muesli and crunchy with yoghurt or milk are prepared in no time anyway, but our […]

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When the day starts badly – the morning blues in blues

We often talk about the importance of the morning and what breakfast can do to turn a good morning into a good day. But we all know that some days don’t start out so well – that’s called morning blues. Maybe we didn’t sleep well or we fought our way through the night sleeplessly with […]

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No energy in the morning? What really helps against spring fever!

It’s spring again. Life awakens from hibernation, trees and flowers begin to grow and flourish. But for many people spring does not automatically mean having more energy. Many people are tired, feel limp and do not really get going. This is due to a special circumstance – the so-called spring fever. This does not affect […]

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7 tips to successfully work from home

For many people, it may already be normal to work from home and home office is already an integral part of their daily work routine. After all, many companies have been offering this possibility for some time.  But not everyone finds the transition to working from home easy. After all, the separation between work and […]

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7 tips for a stress-free start into the day

Stress has become a common companion in modern society. Everything has to be done right away, nothing is put off until tomorrow and it is best to do everything right in this second. The urge for perfection in many different things leads to an unpleasant extra burden. And it is precisely because of this constant […]

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5 tips for a romantic start into Valentine’s Day

Many people associate Valentine’s Day with kitsch, but it doesn’t have to be a huge bouquet of flowers and the most expensive heart-shaped box of chocolate. Valentine’s Day should be all about spending time together, whether with your partner, friends or family. For us, a romantic day naturally begins with a hearty breakfast together! Especially […]

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4 ways to get your circulation going

Who doesn’t know it? You get up in the morning and your circulation goes crazy. You stagger into the bathroom, make an effort to get ready, and even at work the circulation is not yet at full speed. Such circulation problems, especially in the morning, affect many of us. A common cause of circulatory issues […]

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Tips and tricks for a sustainable Christmas

What we actually wish for during Christmas season is relaxation and deceleration. But the Christmas hustle often doesn’t allow it. Less is more – this does not apply to the month of December.  But in the end, it is us who pulls the strings on how we spend our time, how much we indulge in […]