It is so easy for each of us to make a difference.” (Alon Solomon Cohen)

This quote from Alon Solomon Cohen, composer of the new Verival song Say It Loud by Seventura addresses the biggest, most urgent challenges the human race had ever to face: the climate crisis. And, associated with that, the responsibility of everyone to fight it, by taking more and more steps towards a more sustainable future.

We, as one of Austrias first organic companies, consider this message as extremely important and, among other things also with this song, want to take it out into the world.

In our Good Morning Talk, we asked Alon Solomon Cohen, the creative mind behind Say It Loud about his inspiration to write this song, about himself as a musician, his love for nature and much more:

Interview with Alon Solomon Cohen

“Being outdoors is essential to my existence” (Alon Solomon Cohen)

What gave you the idea, the inspiration to write Say It Loud?

The lyrics have a strong connection to the climate crisis and also to the social divisions we see around the world today. I believe that the core idea of the song is described in the sentence “be the world you want, don’t just sit and shout”. Each one of us can make a difference!

I wrote the lyrics after my infrequent visit to the news pages… I try not to consume the news every day because I find it quite frustrating, so I read what’s going on only about once a week.

The current reality is definitely the main subject of the song, but I also think there should always be hope: “I can be like you, you can be like me, let’s just spoil ourselves and love endlessly…”

What are your thoughts about the current climate crisis and sustainability?

The human race seems to be at a starting point of cleaning up its way of life and moving towards a more sustainable existence, although there’s still a very long way to go. Some of the things I see and read, especially about the attitude towards wildlife and nature make me want to cry (and I do sometimes), but we should hope there are reasons to be optimistic and change is possible before mother earth starts repelling our existence.

It is so easy for each of us to make a difference. Like many people, I started reducing my meat consumption a couple of years ago, I also stopped drinking animal milk and enjoy plant-based milk like soy, rice or almond drinks with my cereals. I use only reusable bags while shopping and recycle.

Obviously, the main challenges lie in the policies of countries and the big corporations. I admire members of the young generation taking a stance and wanting to have control over their destiny in this world, it should be viewed positively and supported by everyone. After all, I think that many people like myself would prefer living in a world where more of us, no matter their age, care and protect the environment. The exact environment that allows us to exist here in the first place.

When and how did you decide to make a living of music?

I started playing drums at the age of 7 and throughout my life making music was always the main focus. I am very thankful and fortunate to have been born with the music ‘bug’ in my veins and together with lots of hard work things started to happen, connections were formed, and I got to do more serious work.

Years of making music in London, Brighton (UK) and recently also Fuerteventura (Spain) helped me expand my knowledge and skills as well as present the opportunities that have got me to where I am today.

What do you love most about music?

Music is my therapy (the other is kitesurfing :)). I love sitting in a writing session with my Seventura partner, Bass player Joerg Schanze and coming up with a new song, or adding a keyboard line to a track at 3am, or listening to the finished song after mixing for 3 hours. There are no guarantees but when things click, I have this big smile on my face and a fantastic feeling of satisfaction.

How would you describe yourself as an artist?

I am driven by my passion, I suppose like many other artists. Personally, my music connects to my other two huge passions, nature and sports.

This triangle of art-nature-sport is what keeps me balanced, gives me a good perspective on life and allows me to grow as a person and as an artist. It also helps me to be creative.

How important is being outside in the nature to you?

Being outdoors is essential to my existence! I grew up on a farm so working outside was part of everyday life. My only good school days were the sports days 🙂

Today being outside means either working in the garden, going for a kitesurfing session if it’s windy, climbing up a mountain or going for a run. And of course, travelling to new places. I recently travelled to the Pyrenees mountains and hiked the marvelous Ordesa valley.

Sea or mountains? And why?

Great question! The obvious answer would be the ocean, but being a diversity seeker I love the mountains too. If I had to pick though, it would definitely be my blue and turquoise liquid playground, the marvel of our planet that we all desperately need to protect.

Do you have a morning routine and if yes, what is it?

My morning routine starts with drinking water (I don’t drink coffee), followed by a short meditation, doing my Spanish online lesson and then eating breakfast, usually cereals with fruits and soymilk.

What is your favourite breakfast?

As I mentioned, cereals are my usual breakfast, but from time to time I’ll have a big breakfast with eggs, maybe salmon, salad and cheese, but still always finish with the cereals, so I guess cereal is my favourite.

Thank you so much, Alon, not only for creating this beautiful song, but also for taking the time to answer all of our questions. It’s been a pleasure!

You can listen to Say It Loud also in our new video, in which we accompanied three mountaineers that we sponsor with our mueslis and porridges on a regular basis, on one of their adventures in the alps. Surrounded by the quiet and beauty of the Tyrolean alps, we want to show you what inspires us every day to make the best organic breakfast for you:

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