It’s the same every year: berry season – like summer – is gone far too quickly for our taste, which is why we’ve put together fun facts on berries and added some fruity breakfast inspo on top. The good news is: in our organic mueslis, berries are in season all year round! The Tiroler Biomanufaktur uses only the finest of berries, which are carefully dried and mixed with heritage grains, porridge and crunchy by hand.

Summer in a bowl: add fresh strawberries to your muesli


Strawberries are 90% water but still 100% summer, right? Everyone – from smaller to bigger berry fans – loves the red flavourful berry. Since they are very sensitive when touching them, we recommend rinsing them quickly and carefully and then store them in the fridge. Pureed to a fruit puree, they can also be wonderfully frozen and stirred under muesli.

Are in season: June – September

Nutrients: Strawberries support your immune system with a high vitamin C content and also contain cancer-preventing secondary plant substances. Folic acid, iron, magnesium and potassium are also found in this popular fruit.

Taste best: pure, with honey or agave syrup, in a cool Greek yoghurt, cut into a crunchy mix, as a colourful add on to oats or mixed with whipped cream into a muesli shake

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The queen of the berries is exactly that – a queen, which is why raspberries are best consumed fresh from the bush or the box. You won’t be able to resist their tempting smell, anyways. Raspberries are very sensitive to pressure so clean them by putting them into a sink full of water and dab dry with kitchen paper.

Are in season: June – October

Nutrients: Raspberries are rich in vitamin A, B & C as well as calcium and iron. The many small seeds also support your digestion. The antioxidants help detoxify the body and protect against skin ageing.

Taste best: with Chia pudding, mixed with buttermilk, as a topping on vanilla ice cream or cheesecake, mixed into porridge, served with yoghurt, in Overnight Oats

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The queen of berries is every breakfastlovers best friend


The tannin-rich blue-black berries were already appreciated by Hildegard von Bingen for their healthy effect on the digestion. If you don’t want to look for blueberries in the forest yourself, just visit your favorite fruit stand. One may also find the juicy blueberry frequently under the name “Moosbeere”. In Tyrol, nocks with “Mossbeeren” are a traditional and very popular summer pastry.

Are in season: July – Middle of September

Nutrients: The colouring anthocyanins contained in blueberries can help prevent skin ageing. They are also supported by the vitamins C & E. The tannins contained in blueberries are also good for digestion.

Taste best: enjoyed pure or with a tiny spoonful of honey, in home-made blueberry yoghurt, served with porridge-pancakes, mixed into your favourite heritage grains muesli (arrange it mandala-style for an even fancier touch), as a topping on your oat crumble and served with vanilla custard

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Dark purple with a soft shimmer – that’s how blackberries like to distinguish themselves from their red, blue and pink colleagues. And their taste is unique, as well. Blackberries are both sweet and tangy which serves as a much-needed kick on hot summer days. By the way, the wild blackberry is quite stubborn and is difficult to get rid of once you have it in the garden.

Are in season: from the middle of July to the middle of October

Nutrients: Like blueberries, blackberries are rich in anthocyanins, which have a detoxifying effect and prevent skin ageing. The high iron and copper content can also lead to a particularly good supply of oxygen.

Taste best: as an eye catcher in trifles, mixed into a porridge, as add-on to desert creams and fruit purees, as a frozen topping for a cold & hot porridge sensation, served with breakfast muffins

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Eating something sour makes you happy – also early in the morning.


Currents come in a lot of shapes and colours. Whether small and red, white and big or black and tiny – currants fans love the tangy and sour flavour which make the berries the perfect addition to deserts and sweet treats. And because eating something sour makes you happy, currants are perfect for breakfast, too!

Are in season: from the middle of June – August

Nutrients: Currants contain three times as much vitamin C as the same amount of lemons. Like many other berries, they are rich in antioxidants, which is why they are said to have an anti-ageing effect and good cell protection properties.

Taste best: in desert creams or puddings, with fresh waffles, as a sour contrast to a sweet Chocolate Crunchy, mixed into a bowl of fresh berries, with yoghurt and heritage grains, or even in a smoothie

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Annalena Goldnagl

Gesunde Ernährung spielt eine große Rolle in meinem Leben. Deswegen ernähre ich mich schon einige Jahre lang rein pflanzlich. Auf diesem Blog berichte ich über diverse Ernährungsthemen, teile meine Erfahrungen mit euch und zeige euch meine liebsten Rezepte.

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