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Gesunde Ernährung spielt eine große Rolle in meinem Leben. Deswegen ernähre ich mich schon einige Jahre lang rein pflanzlich. Auf diesem Blog berichte ich über diverse Ernährungsthemen, teile meine Erfahrungen mit euch und zeige euch meine liebsten Rezepte.

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Warm breakfast according to TCM

Warmed up, well saturated, but still light as a feather and full of energy to start the day? All this is possible according to TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) – if you prepare yourself a warm breakfast in the morning and follow some basic rules. That’s why we want to take a closer look at the […]

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Very Berry! Summer calls for fruity breakfasts

It’s the same every year: berry season – like summer – is gone far too quickly for our taste, which is why we’ve put together fun facts on berries and added some fruity breakfast inspo on top. The good news is: in our organic mueslis, berries are in season all year round! The Tiroler Biomanufaktur […]


Apricot Crumble with Vanilla Ice Cream

Apricot season is finally here and we in the Verival office simply can’t get enough of the sweet fruit. Even though we are able to enjoy apricots in freeze-dried form throughout the entire year in our mueslis and porridges, we are always looking forward to the time when it’s being harvested, so that we can […]


Porridge Berry Slices

Just in time for summer food blogger Lena Fuchs came up with a very special recipe. She used some of our products and created fresh and fruity porridge berry slices. The slices are a real eye-catcher at any brunch or party with your family and friends. Prepared the day before, they are the perfect breakfast […]

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The Verival fact check: Benefits of a warm breakfast

Porridge isn’t getting more and more popular without a reason, it’s because a warm breakfast can do more for you than you think: Gives your digestion a break: A warm breakfast has the perfect temperature for your body. Therefore, it needs less energy to digest and leaves you with a warm and comfortable feeling. Increased […]

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Verival Vegan Challenge #4 – All questions answered

The last day of the Verival Vegan Challenge has come! Our co-worker Annalena has been doing the self-test and has switched to a vegan diet for an entire month. This is her final report, in which she provides answers to exactly those 8 questions that she has raised in her first Vegan Challenge blogpost: „#1 How does the […]

Good Morning from

Good morning from Copenhagen!

Eines gleich vorweg: Kopenhagen ist die ideale Destination für Frühstücksliebhaber! An jeder Ecke warten nette, teils unscheinbare Cafés, die oftmals keine riesengroße Auswahl anbieten, aber mit umso köstlicherem Frühstück überraschen. Fair trade Kaffee und Bio-Zutaten gehören fast überall zum Fixprogramm. Wenn es dir bei all den Möglichkeiten schwerfällt, dich zu entscheiden, helfen dir unsere Tipps […]

Verival Vegan Challenge #3 – Half-time!

Day 18 of the Verival Vegan Challenge has come. That means, it’s already been two and a half weeks since our co-worker Annalena has switched to a vegan diet. Today, she honestly writes about her first findings and little obstacles. The force of habit „On my flight to England, a little inattentiveness almost had me […]

Good Morning from

Good morning from Birmingham

Die nach Einwohnerzahl zweitgrößte Stadt Englands ist zwar kein typisches Touristenziel, hat aber trotzdem (oder sogar deswegen?) ganz viel Charme! Für alle, die überlegen, bald nach Birmingham zu reisen, haben wir nicht nur eine, sondern sogar zwei wunderbare Frühstücksempfehlungen: Lewis’s Das Lewis’s ist ein charmantes kleines Lokal im ruhigen Stadtteil Moseley. An dieser Stelle haben […]

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Verival Vegan Challenge #2: Favourite vegan breakfast recipe

For the Verival Vegan Challenge, our co-worker Annalena switched from a vegetarian to a vegan diet for the month of July.In today’s blog post, after a couple of days into the challenge, she has a short update on vegan breakfast for you and, at the same time, provides you with her favourite vegan breakfast recipe! […]

Good Morning from

Good morning from Tokyo!

Finding vegetarian food can be hard when visiting Tokyo, not only for lunch and dinner, but also for breakfast. At least hat’s what our colleague Annalena has experienced herself on her recent trip to Japan. As described on the blog japanliebe (= German vor “Japan love”), the traditional Japanese breakfast includes rice, miso soup, pickles (especially gherkin […]

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