You probably already know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Porridge is also becoming more and more popular as an option for a warm breakfast. In this article we will explain to you how to prepare your own delicious breakfast porridge and how to refine your porridge.

What actually is porridge?

For all of you who have only heard of porridge so far, we would like to briefly explain to you what kind of dish it is. To put it into simple words porridge is a mixture of the two ingredients oat flakes and milk or water which are boiled together until the mixture has a mushy consistency. This warm breakfast is currently particularly popular, because it is so healthy. But why is porridge so healthy? It keeps you full for a long time and the oats are a real superfood. Read more about the health benefits of a hot breakfast.

Delicious basic recipe for your porridge

You can easily prepare a healthy warm porridge yourself. You only need the following basic ingredients:

For the preparation of your porridge you need the following kitchen tools: a pot and a wooden spoon.

The preparation of your warm porridge is so easy:

It is not difficult to make your own porridge and you don’t need more than 5 minutes. In these five simple steps we will explain to you how to cook and prepare your porridge:

1. The first step is not essential, but it makes your porridge even more aromatic. If you roast the oatmeal briefly in the pot or pan (without oil), you will give your oatmeal a nutty flavour.

2. Then put the oatmeal in a pot together with the liquid of your choice, such as water, cow’s milk or a plant-based drink. If you like it fruity, you can also add a grated apple or berries when the porridge starts boiling.

3. After that let the oatmeal cook on medium heat and then comes the most important step of the preparation: stirring. To give the porridge the right consistency, you should constantly stir the ingredients in the pot. Traditionally in Scotland, the country of origin of porridge, the so-called “spurtle” was used to stir the porridge. Alternatively, you can also use a wooden spoon.

4. A pinch of salt should never be missing, not only in savoury dishes, but also in sweet dishes. You can also refine your porridge with various spices such as cinnamon, cocoa and vanilla.

5. To round off the taste of your porridge, the right porridge toppings should also not be missing. You can also add various seeds such as flaxseed or chia seeds to your porridge, as well as healthy nuts for a high level of concentration.

Find out why porridge is actually so healthy and what the health benefits of a hot breakfast are!

Porridge in just 3 minutes – Porridge from Verival

If you prefer to have breakfast at the office during the week or you just don’t have time to make your own porridge, you can try our delicious Verival porridges. They can be prepared in just 3 minutes with the help of a kettle or microwave. Our organic porridges contain only the highest quality ingredients and guarantees an excellent gut feeling.

Porridge without oats – is that possible?

Even if the classic porridge is prepared with oats, you can also vary the basic ingredient of your porridge. You can prepare your porridge with rice, spelt, quinoa, amaranth, millet or buckwheat. Buckwheat, for example, is a pseudo-cereal that is gluten-free and also contains numerous vitamins and minerals. Simply soak 50 grams of buckwheat in water overnight. The next day you should rinse the buckwheat well. Then cook the buckwheat in a pot with a liquid of your choice such as water, cow’s milk or vegetable milk until the buckwheat porridge has the desired consistency.

If you ever feel like having  a rice porridge, try our new gluten-free coconut-orange rice porridge. We can also recommend our new Apricot-Strawberry Spelt Porridge to all spelt fans. You see, even with porridge it doesn’t always have to be oats.

Porridge toppings give your porridge that extra something

In another article we have already introduced you to the 8 best porridge toppings that will help you get more out of your breakfast. Here is a short summary of the different porridge toppings with which you can quickly and easily vary your warm porridge:

1. Apples
2. Berries
3. Nuts
4. Honey, cinnamon and cocoa
5. Kiwis, mangos and passion fruit
6. Currants and pomegranates
7. Chia seeds, flaxseeds, hemp seeds
8. Pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds

3 different porridge variations

Porridge as a cold breakfast with overnight oats

If you don’t feel like having a warm porridge, you can also prepare yourself overnight oats. Overnight oats are simply oat flakes which are soaked overnight, mixed with milk or water and stored in the fridge overnight. Learn more about how to make overnight oats and their benefits.

Winter porridge with cinnamon, apples and nuts

In winter during the cold season you can refine the porridge with various delicious spices such as cinnamon, cloves or vanilla powder. You can also use various nuts and apples to top your porridge, so you can even make your own baked apple porridge.

Summery porridge with fresh fruit and coconut

You can also easily turn your porridge into a summery variation. One possibility is the apricot crumble with coconut-apricot porridge and vanilla ice cream. Berries are also in season in summer and are perfect as a topping for your porridge.

As you can see, it is not difficult to prepare porridge yourself, you only need 2 ingredients and the preparation takes no more than 5 minutes. You want to know more about warm breakfast in general and its positive effects on our body? Then read more about it in our article about warm breakfast according to TCM.

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