Porridge has become a real classic on many breakfast tables. Nevertheless, new variations of our favourite warm breakfast are constantly created. The porridge buddha bowl, the porridge breakfast pizza and the baked porridge are just a few examples of the new interpretations in 2019. Today, we present you the nine most important porridge trends of this year.

1. Baked porridge out of the oven

If you’re looking for a new breakfast idea that’s quick and easy to prepare, you definitely have to try the first porridge trend “Baked porridge”. For this porridge variation, the base for the porridge is mixed with eggs (or egg substitute), baking powder, milk or vegan alternative of your choice, nut butter, fruit, and a sweetening option of your choice and baked at 190 degrees for about 30 minutes in the oven. If you like it fruity, our Organic Strawberry Chia Porridge is the perfect choice. The Baked Porridge can also be prepared with our spicy pumpkin tomato porridge for those who prefer a savoury breakfast.

2. Overnight oats to go

Overnight oats also became more and more popular in 2019. They can be prepared in advance and you can take them with you as breakfast to-go. This is convenient and saves a lot of time and effort in the morning and the delicious overnight oats can be enjoyed stress-free on the road, at work, at school or university. You can not only use oatmeal and muesli as the base for overnight oats, but you can also use porridge mixtures as a base.

3. Buddha bowls with porridge for breakfast

Savoury buddha bowls have been popular for several years now. The principle of a buddha bowl is to create colourful bowls with all kinds of healthy food. Buddha bowls are characterised by an infinite number of variations, colourful mixtures, their diversity of nutrients and the great possibility of recycling leftovers. They can be prepared not only savoury, but also sweet with fresh fruit, various nuts, seeds, warm porridge and pureed berries as a sauce. Another variation would be a spicy porridge with fresh vegetables such as tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers, eggs and fresh herbs. You can definitely see why the buddha bowl with its many possibilities is one of our favourite porridge trends 2019.

4. Porridge as a base for cakes

Porridge can also be used wonderfully as a base for the dough for breakfast cakes. It is easy to make and practical and tastes delicious at the same time. You can simply replace the flour with a mixture of oatmeal and your favourite porridge to create your perfect breakfast cake.

5. Porridge breakfast pizza

Our favourite recipe for a sweet breakfast pizza with porridge has already been introduced to you here. This recipe definitely is one of our favourites. You only need a few ingredients to prepare your breakfast pizza: your favourite VERIVAL porridge, various seeds, coconut oil, eggs (or egg substitutes) and flea seed husks. The pizza is really quick to prepare and a good change if you don’t feel like having your classic porridge.

6. Breakfast from Africa: Ugali

Inspired by Africa, we want to introduce you to a more exotic porridge version. The basis for the typical porridge from Uganda is millet. The consistency varies from country to country and there are also different names for this porridge: Ugali, Posho, Nshima and Phaleche. As you can see, it doesn’t always have to be oats!

7. Alternative forms of nutrition

Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) or Ayurveda as alternative nutrition and healing methods are gaining more and more popularity among many people. Your porridge can be easily prepared according to the TCM principle. In the TCM kitchen all foods are assigned to one of the 5 elements. The five elements are earth, wood, water, metal and fire. For the element earth you can use grated coconut, for wood some lemon, for the element water you can add some salt. Metal can be represented by cinnamon and fire by cocoa powder.

8. Proteins for an active start to the day

Porridge is also becoming increasingly popular among athletes and sports fans as a good breakfast option for an active start to the day. Porridge keeps you satiated for a long time thanks to the complex carbohydrates it contains, and the proteins comprised are an ideal basis for an active morning. For example, our Sport Porridge Chocolate Banana with an increased protein content is a wonderful choice if you like to do sports in the morning.

9. Vegan porridge made easy

More and more people are starting to eat vegan. This trend is also reflected in the ingredients of many porridges. Preparing your porridge vegan is not difficult at all: a mixture of oat flakes, fruits and plant drink and the warm breakfast porridge is ready. By the way, almost all of our VERIVAL Porridges are plant-based 😉

If you’re looking for more inspiration, check out one of our previous posts on porridge trends. Maybe you find something you haven’t heard about yet. 😉 Have fun!

Alexandra Wiesinger

Gesunde Ernährung spielt für mich sowohl persönlich als auch in meinem beruflichen Kontext eine große Rolle. Deswegen probiere ich gerne neue Rezepte aus und teile hier mit euch meine Tipps für einen gesunden Lebensstil und leckeres nahrhaftes Frühstück.   Dabei ist es mir besonders wichtig einen klaren Überblick über verschiedene Ernährungsthemen zu geben und euch alltagstaugliche Tipps mit an die Hand zu geben.   Mein liebstes Verival Produkt: das Himbeer-Kakao Sport Porridge mit Haferkleie. Zu meinem Lieblingsprodukt

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