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Hotel breakfast buffets are the best, right? We love the Muesli Section, of course, what with all the different kinds of cereals, crunchies, nuts, seeds, fruits and toppings.

But why even leave? Stay in, make yourself comfy and invite some friends over who can all gather around a table that screams breakfast. Here are our tips for the perfect Muesli Brunch Buffet on International Friendship Day:

1. The right base for every taste: Some like it pure and simple, others need the sweet quick. Try to put at least 2 different kinds of basic muesli mixes on the table to cater to every taste.

Like, for instance, our Muesli Flake Base for the purists, a classic Bircher Muesli and a sweet Oat Crunchy for those with a sweet’n’crispy tooth.

2. For fruit munchers & chocolate lovers: Add some colour with dried berries, bananas and apples – Verival Heritage Grains Muesli with Berries and Heritage Grains Muesli with Fruit work perfectly well! But take good care of the chocolate lovers, too, by adding some crispy Chocolate Granola.

Good friends are the most important ingredients for a Brunch

Good friends are the most important ingredients for a Brunch

3.Variety is the spice of life: Not everyone likes to eat their muesli with regular milk. Adding plant based drinks such as soy, rice or almond milk to your buffet not only serves any vegans or allergic peeps but could also be a great alternative to what everyone usually has.

Also, yoghurt and fruit are to a Muesli Brunch what Baguette and Jam are to a French one. Definite Must Haves! Cut up some fruit in advance and let everyone get creative with their own muesli mandalas.

4.Top it like it’s hot: Nuts and seeds are the ideal topping because they add nutrients, crunch and taste all in one! We prefer to use a mix just because it’s very practical. What works wonders colour-wise, too, are some crunchy cornflakes or even some Crunchy Mix with Fruits.

5. Porridges – for that warm feeling in the belly: Prepare a couple of little bowls by adding 2-3 tablespoons of porridge and have some hot water or milk ready for when you open your buffet. That way, everyone can enjoy their porridge whenever they like!

6. How about a Muesli Fondue:
An even better idea is to put some fun on the table by turning your muesli brunch into a fondue. We put together a whole “How To” here. Check it out!

7. Savoury over sweet: For those who like their breakfast savoury Verival’s new porridges are just the job. Pumpkin & Tomato Porridge and Leek & Onion are also a perfect fit for long-lasting and hearty affairs when your brunch lasts all day long.

Der Hit fürs Feiertagsfrühstück: Müsli-Fondue!

A no brainer with fun factor: Muesli Fondue!

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