“Planetary Health Diet” is the name of the new nutrition concept that focuses on global health and the well-being of the planet. The idea behind it is simple: our diet has a significant impact on both our health and the environment. Therefore, it should be designed in such a way that both – health and nature – benefit from it.

Learn why this concept is so important and how it works.

What exactly is the Planetary Health Diet?

A meal plan that is good for people and for the Earth is what the Planetary Health Diet is all about. A concept that comes from the non-profit start-up EAT and is based on the results of an international study.

In contrast to familiar forms of nutrition, the focus here is not only on people, but also on the well-being of our planet. On the one hand, the focus is on the health of the population, and on the other hand, it is about conserving the earth’s resources.

Why is the holistic nutrition concept needed?

Global food production faces the challenge of keeping up with population growth and providing enough food for as many people as possible. So far, this has worked quite well, so that the majority of humanity has enough to eat, but the way the industry is acting at the moment is doing neither people nor the environment any good.

Unhealthy diet that makes you sick

While some people do not get enough to eat and suffer from a lack of food, others eat far too much and/or poor quality food. This kind of malnutrition and constant overconsumption inevitably leads to rising disease and mortality rates. Meanwhile, unhealthy diets are considered the main cause of cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and other known diseases.

The respectful treatment of nature and its resources

The global food industry is one of the greatest threats to the stability of our precious ecosystem. As already mentioned, our population is growing steadily. This also means that more and more free natural land has to be converted into agricultural land in order to be able to feed all people sufficiently.

Animal husbandry plays a particularly important role here. In order to feed farm animals, huge agricultural areas are needed for the cultivation of animal feed. As a result, nature is retreating further and further and the balance of our finely tuned ecosystem is coming apart at the seams. The consequences are already being felt in the form of species extinction and climate catastrophes.

It is therefore the responsibility of the food industry, as well as of each individual food producer, to develop a sustainable concept for people and the environment.

We at VERIVAL are also constantly optimising our production processes with the smallest possible ecological footprint. In doing so, we consciously rely on high-quality, healthy organic ingredients that are good for people and nature. Because with our 360 degree social responsibility, we have committed ourselves to a respectful approach to our environment. In this way, we want to contribute to ensuring that our planet remains liveable for many generations to come.

The optimal diet for humans and nature

Most studies on this topic agree: a diet that benefits both global health and nature consists predominantly of plant foods and less of animal foods.

In addition, the optimal diet contains few saturated fats, simple carbohydrates, highly processed foods and added sugars.

If we were to imagine the Planetary Health Diet on a plate, half of it would be filled with fruit and vegetables. The other half would be mostly whole grains and vegetable protein sources, as well as healthy vegetable oils and fats. Optionally, a small portion can consist of animal proteins such as milk and dairy products or meat and fish.

In short, the Planetary Health Diet is a flexitarian diet. This means it is largely plant-based, but can also include modest amounts of fish, meat and dairy products.

With our numerous vegan products, we at VERIVAL also contribute to a healthy, plant-based diet. Our range offers a wide selection for different tastes, making it much easier to implement a “Planetary Health Diet”.

The path to a Planetary Health Diet

With the Planetary Health Diet, there is no ONE solution for all people worldwide. Rather, local conditions and possibilities must be taken into account. For example, in the richer industrialised nations, the excessive consumption of unhealthy foods such as red meat and sugar must be reduced. On the other hand, people in poorer regions of the world depend on animal protein from farm animals to prevent malnutrition.

Taking these circumstances into account, the big goal is to increase the consumption of plant foods such as fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and whole grains and to greatly reduce animal foods. Only then can we make optimal use of the available agricultural land to feed the population without destroying more natural habitats.

The following strategies, among others, should contribute to the success of this goal:

Healthy food for all

The first step is to make healthy food accessible to everyone. With our deliciously balanced and diverse VERIVAL breakfast creations, we want to achieve just that: Healthy breakfast that is also good for nature, for everyone! Because in the recipes for our porridge, muesli and crunchy, we rely on organic ingredients in premium quality.

Quality before quantity

The goal of the food industry is primarily to produce enough calories to adequately supply the growing population. In the future, however, the focus should be more on diversity and quality. Instead of producing large quantities of a single type of grain as feed for farm animals, biodiversity is to be promoted.

Together with our farmers, we at VERIVAL support this goal and ensure more diversity through the cultivation of old grain varieties.

Sustainable production

Using fertiliser and water efficiently, promoting biodiversity and protecting the natural habitat of wildlife. This is what sustainable food production is all about, among other things.

Organic farming already makes an important contribution to this, for example by avoiding chemical pesticides and artificial fertilisers. That’s why we are very proud that we rely on the many advantages of organic farming for our VERIVAL breakfast products, and that we take care to treat our valuable habitat as gently as possible.

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