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Pumpkin Porridge Energy Balls

December 10, 2020
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Pumpkin Porridge Energy Balls

Are you looking for a delicious recipe for Christmas? Then these energy balls with porridge are just right for you ! Whether as a healthy substitute for Christmas biscuits or as a snack for the Christmas season, these balls are quick and easy to prepare.

The balls are really quickly made and consist exclusively of healthy food. All you need are a few nuts, pumpkin seeds, dates, porridge mix, pumpkin puree and some maple syrup.

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Pumpkin Porridge Energy Balls



  • Put all ingredients into a food processor and mix until no larger pieces are left.
  • Form small balls out of the mixture with wet hands. Roll the balls in porridge mixture or chopped pumpkin seeds if you like. Keep them in the fridge.

Bircher Porridge

1 bowl of Porridge gives you all the essential nutrients for the day...

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