Many know them, some love them but everyone is talking about them: Chia seeds are the #1 newcomer superfood and a beloved breakfast add-on of foodies from all over the world. We wanted to learn more about the tiny yet powerful seeds and here’s what we found:

#1: Chia seeds are extremely versatile

Whether in a pudding, as an egg-replacement, in desserts, patties or as topping for bread rolls or fruit salad – Chia seeds make for a neutral, yet extremely helpful or crunchy addition to almost any meal there is. A true allrounder.

#2: Chia seeds are super healthy

Yes and yes! Those tiny little seeds are packed with omega-3 acids, protein, vitamins and fibre which is why they’re a superfood in the first place. Therefore Chia seeds can help you stay healthy while everyone else around you is already sneezing.

Chia Seeds Verival
Chia Seeds Verival

#3: Chia seeds are fairly new

Nope! Even the Maya harvested them back in the day and praised them for their energizing properties without really knowing how potent they actually are. Chia seeds have just now been re-discovered and we couldn’t be happier about that. Super!

The Verival Chia Family
The Verival Chia Family

#4: Chia seeds help curb cravings and fill you up

True and true! By soaking them in water, juice or (plant) milk they absorb a lot of liquid and grow in volume. Because they contain equal parts of fat, protein and carbs Chia seeds give our body everything it needs to stay hydrated and full for a longer amount of time. Great!

#5: Chia seeds replace a protein shake

Unbelievable, but true! Chia seeds contain about 3 times more protein than any other grain or seed. That way your yummy Chia pudding can contribute to making your muscles grow, help you regenerate quicker and even prevent sore muscles after an intense workout. How about that?

Now you want more? Head on over to Verival’s Chia seeds, Good Morning Organic Seed Mix and the new Corn Chia Waffles in the online shop, check out our Chia pudding recipe with Blood Orange and Tangerines and find more Chia recipes on Instagram by using #chia.

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