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What is it, you ask? Well, a Muesli Fondue is the lighter, fluffier brunch version of the traditional cheesy classic. Go ahead and surprise your friends with fresh fruits cut in bite-size pieces to dip in some creamy Greek yoghurt, smooth nut butter, sweet honey and finally some crispy Crunchy or even Granola.

Just pour all your favourite mueslis, crunchies, nuts, seeds, toppings and dipping sauces into various small and large bowls, put them on the table and ready, set, go!

Side note: If you do not own a Chocolate Fondue Set with those lovely miniature forks that come with it just use some wooden sticks. Works just as well! Remember, though, that variety is the spice of life so it’s go big and colourful!



Verival Crunchy
Verival Granola
Fresh fruits
Dips of choice
How To

1. Wash fruit and cut into bite-size pieces.
2. Pour yoghurt and nut butter into little bowls and put on the table.
3. Pour Mueslis and Crunchies into slightly larger bowls.
4. Equip every Muesli Fondue participant with a tiny fondue fork or a wooden stick and go!


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