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You’re still looking for the perfect idea to surprise your loved ones with on #VerivalBreakfastDay, September 3rd? Well, here’s an idea right from Mother Nature herself, which is an absolute eye catcher, incredibly healthy and so useful when you don’t have any clean breakfast bowls on hand: fruit bowls! Let’s give you the scoop on some kinds of fruit whose skin or shell fits the job description in a delicious, edible way:


Sail away into the sunrise on your very own pineapple boat – it’s as easy as it gets: just cut your pineapple in half, cut out the flesh in a triangle shape and then go and fill the “boat” with chia pudding or a smoothie, topped with some cut-out pineapple chunks and Crunchy. Little hint: leave on the leaves for a grand entrance. Let Caro @carokocht show you how to do it.

I’m all about seasonal produce but who could resist such a cute baby pineapple?!? Filled these little babies with a minty mango-pineapple smoothie and chia pudding. Thanks for all the heartfelt comments on my last two posts. ❤ I am so thankful for your encouraging feedback! Smoothie ingredients: 1 frozen banana, 1/2 frozen mango, insides of 1 baby pineapple including juices, 3 stalks green mint, 2 mango-apple-juice ice cubes (optional) Toppings: chia pudding (just 2 tbsp chia seeds mixed with some oat milk and soy yogurt), cherry roses , strawberries, mint leaves, coconut flakes, puffed quinoa, cacao nibs #babypineapple #pineappleboat #pineapplebowl #smoothiebowls #tropicalfruit #kitchenbowl #breakfastinspo #eattherainbow #cleaneats #foodspiration #myopenkitchen #foods4thought #verilymoment #thatsdarling #abmlifeiscolorful #lifeandthyme #veganfoodshare #healthyfoodshare #plantbased #plantstrong #yuminthetumrepost @yuminthetum #thefeedfeed @thefeedfeed #f52grams @food52 #bestofvegan @bestofvegan #beautifulcuisines @beautifulcuisines #storyofmytable @storyofmytable #letscookvegan @letscookvegan #gloobyfood @food_glooby

Ein von Carolin (@carokocht) gepostetes Foto am 7. Jul 2016 um 4:15 Uhr


One would assume that melons where made for the single purpose of using a spoon on them to scoop out their delicious flesh. Honeydew melons are great but also sugar melons are perfect to be filled up with yoghurt, fruit or Porridge. If it’s for a buffet go big and use a watermelon. @_theflyinggoat loves to top her Porridge with fresh fruit and flower petals. Our suggestion: use some Good Morning Organic Seed Mix for some extra details.


Getting them open isn’t always so easy, right? It’s worth the struggle, though, if you want to use coconuts as an exotic bowl for Avocado & Chocolate pudding, Mango & Physalis Porridge or Nana Ice Cream. Stephanie from @stephanie.h.park couldn’t agree more! Opening them works best when you use a screwdriver: make holes in a circular manner and then use a hammer to crack the coconut open. Tip: save the coconut water for a smoothie.

Going coconutty today Cacao & pitaya smoothie bowls with coconut milk & fresh coconut water✨ Took forever to crack, but totally worth it! Ein von Creator Of The Healthy Hour (@stephanie.h.park) gepostetes Foto am 29. Jun 2016 um 4:08 Uhr

Dragon Fruit:

Have you ever eaten your muesli out of a cactus? Well, pitayas are part of the cactus family and are a real eye catcher on their own due to their pink skin and black dotted yet white fruit flesh. Tip: use a tiny (ice cream) scraper to make pretty little balls of dragon fruit and put them back into the fruit like so: @greentreejuicery.


Avocado is a welcome and regular guest on our breakfast table. Why not use it in its natural form and fill it up with a sweet & savoury mix of chicken, strawberries and nuts? Lauren’s kids really seemed to love it: @savourystyledotcom


As a relative to melons, ripe and fresh papayas are truly tasty,too: their ship-like shape is perfect to use as a fruit bowl. Just cut in half, extract the seeds and fill with your favourite Crunchy, Seeds and yoghurt like @clementiinemay did.

Citrus Fruits:

Oranges and grapefruits are great as a juice in the mornings but they’re also quite pretty as mini-fruit bowls: cut them in half, use a spoon or a knife to carefully cut out the flesh (without cutting the skin!) and fill them up with a fruit puree or even nut butter. Tinarose from @ohhellosweetheart shows you how to do it. Tip: use some Crunchy Muesli with Orange & Acerola for an extra touch of sweet crunch!

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