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Linseed are packed with protein, fiber and polyunsaturated fatty acids, like the famous omega-3 essential fatty acids – we’re telling you, they’re the equivalent a personal trainer for your digestion! Linseed has been cultivated by humans since the stone age and up to this day its seeds are highly appreciated for their indigestible components that effectively aid digestion. When combined with water they swell up and and lead to a shortened transit time of food in your bowels. That way, toxins are eliminated a lot quicker. By the way: wheat bran has a similar effect. We combined those two powerhouses and added two different fruit granules for a guaranteed good-morning-every-morning-topping.

Round off your breakfast either with Linseed + apple or Linseed date + plum and enjoy a tasty topping on your muesli, smoothie, shake or… well, anything else, really.

In the need for some linseed power in your recipes?

Add them to your raw porridge balls to fruit them up!


Add some extra fruity flavor to pancakes, like these vegan ones by chef Paul Ivic!


“Vegetarische Sommerküche” © Eisenhut & Mayer/Brandstätter Verlag

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