Our delicious mueslis, crunchys and porridges call the idyllic town Langkampfen in Tyrol their home. Inspired by the beauty of the surrounding nature, we want to use our products to carry our love for mountains out into the world. Would you like to get to know our hometown? Then have a look at our newest Verival blog post, where our colleague Sarah shares her favourite hiking routes in Langkampfen and the nearby city Kufstein with you:


Hiking tour #1: Pendling

The first hiking route leads you up the closest mountain to Kufstein called Pendling. Sarah strongly believes that anyone who lives in Kufstein and surroundings should be at the top of the mountain at least once in his/her life! The Pendlinger is very popular for day trips, as there are two different paths, that are both suitable for families and beginners.

The first path starts at Theirsee next to the Schneeberg and the hike will take you only 1 1/2hrs. If you prefer a more relaxed route, you can also choose the forest trail, that will lead you past the Kalaalm. Otherwise you can choose the more challenging trail, leading through the forest too but being far steeper.

Whichever route you’ll take, the climb is totally worth it, as the view from the top is absolutely breath-taking! You can sit there for hours and enjoying the view of Kufstein and surroundings. There is even a traditional mountain hut, that serves delicious homecooked meals.


Hiking tour #2: Kaiseraufstieg

Another very popular destination, not only for locals but also for tourists, is the Kaiseraufstieg in Kufstein. Here you find yourself in the midst of the purest nature – there’s good reason why the place has been called one of the most beautiful spots in Austria. Once again you can choose between different paths, depending on weather your looking for a challenging or more relaxed hike.

There are many highlights on the way, for example the well-known Tischofer cave, the Antonius chapel and many different restaurants with lovely food.


Hiking tour #3: Hechtsee-Rundgang

Last but not least, Sarah would advise you to do the Hechtsee walk. The Hechtsee, a local lake, is located right between the Austrian and German border. If you’re a fast walker, you can circle the lake in less than an hour. If you’re looking for more of a challenge you can do the 3-lake-hike (Hechtsee, Egelsee, Längsee/Pfrillsee), which can take up to 2 1/2hrs.

The tour is perfect on a warm sunny day, as the path really is the main attraction! There are many stops along the way where you can sit in the sun and even take a quick dip in the lake!


Want to know more about our home town? Check out our colleague Eva’s most loved mountain bike trails here.


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