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Actually, what is the perfect summer snack? Well, it should never ever melt in the heat (save chocolate for colder times), be quite light, withstand travel and give you just about enough energy to help you follow through on your exciting plans.

Sweetens up your summer: Verival Organic Date Pralines

Sweetens up your summer: Verival Organic Date Pralines

Date Pralines: a perfect duo

Our Verival Date Pralines consist of two ingredients only: juicy, sun-ripened dates and desiccated coconut, rolled into perfection at our Tiroler Biomanufaktur. They will sweeten up both your vigorous mountain climbs as well as hot walks exploring a new city. The natural fruit sugar contained in dates will also boost your stamina in any outdoor workout situation. With date pralines the only thing bound to melt away this summer will be you and your friends.

Fresh Fruits: Healthy Refreshers

They are more refreshing than popsicles and packed with rich sweet flavour, while being super healthy. Hydrating fruits like watermelon, cantaloupe, strawberries and oranges refill your fluids, cool you down on a hot summer day and boost your energy thanks to the carbs. Apricots, bananas or kiwis also provide potassium that regulates your blood flow and blood pressure. Apples, berries and apricots are the perfect natural fingerfood, whereas melons, mangos and pineapples are best cut into bite-sized pieces and transported in a container.

Honey-sweet snack fun: Verival's Honey Waffles

Honey-sweet snack fun: Verival’s Honey Waffles

Waffles: sweet & savoury pleasure

Waffles are the ideal snack for in-between and on the go. Munch on savoury, crispy waffles made from rice – with or without salt -, corn, corn & chia or corn & quinoa or add some toppings for extra flavour. Even our sweet honey waffles will easily keep in the heat – heck, they actually taste better a tiny bit warmer, you know, like fresh out of the oven. Plus, they’re available in a convenient small honey-waffle-two-pack.

Nuts: the right mix for everyone

Whether you’re nuts about walnuts or almonds, cashews or hazelnuts, nut and trail mixes are a healthy snack that will satisfy your cravings and boost your energy levels. If you’ve got a sweet tooth, go for a workout mix with raisins or our Verival Heritage Grains Muesli with Nuts and Fruits with dried cranberries and tangy red currents.

Jelly Bears: no gelatine thus suitable for vegetarians and vegans

Jelly Bears: no gelatine thus suitable for vegetarians and vegans

Jelly Bears: fruity chewy snacks

Kids love jelly sweets for their soft bite and their variety of fruity flavours: lemon, oranges, raspberries, black currents and apple – and they’re not alone! Our colourful organic Jelly Bears are very popular with teenagers and adults, too. Plus, the new recipe doesn’t even contain gelatine which makes them suitable for everyone following a strict vegetarian or vegan lifestyle. Yum!

Have fun snacking this summer!

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