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It’s the most relaxing morning ritual to sip on that first cup of coffee early in the day, while having breakfast or still wrapped up in a blanket on the couch, right? After that first cup of Joe, we’re ready to look at our screens, check mails and tackle the day ahead. Apply the following tips to take your Good Morning Coffee to the next level.


1.Fresh roast every day. While you can never be sure just how fresh (or not) store bought coffee is, you can most definitely be sure when shopping at your local coffee roaster. In order to make the CO2 stabilise after the roasting process, quality coffee is left to rest for about a week. Afterwards your coffee reaches its full potential taste-wise, lasting for about 6 weeks.


2. Every gram counts. Measuring cups are pretty handy, yet still unpredictable seeing as a few grams more or less do matter and may create a completely different taste sensation. Depending on the roast, unprecise measuring might even make your coffee taste sour or bitter. This is why pros will always recommend using a scale to aim for an optimal ratio of 60 grams of coffee per litre (water). For your morning cup of coffee that means 12g of coffee for 200ml of water.

Time to up your coffee game!

Time to up your coffee game!

3. Grind by number. To create the ultimate aroma, always go for whole coffee beans and grind them only seconds before you actually want to drink your coffee. A decent electrical or old-school by-hand grinder will grind your beans evenly without heating them. After all, you don’t want that burnt aftertaste, do you? Alternatively, you could go shopping for small amounts of ground coffee. Depending on your machine, you will need either a finer (espresso maker), a regular (filter coffee) or a coarser (French Press) ground.


4. Warm up, but not too long. To achieve a relatively stable brewing temperature, it’s best to “warm up” your equipment with some warm water. If you’re using an espresso maker just fill it up with hot water as usual; as for filter machines just rinse the filter with some warm water beforehand to avoid a “papery” taste. Once your coffee is freshly brewed, however, you shouldn’t keep it warm for too long. It will lose its flavour very quickly and gradually the longer you wait (20 minutes).


5. Store wisely. The next cup is only a few sips away which means, of course, you should keep your coffee beans safe from the sun, heat and moisture. Dark, air-tight containers work best. But don’t ever put your coffee beans in the fridge – it’s a temperature shock even the toughest beans won’t survive.


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