Breakfast for children

Breakfast, Breakfast for children

Why it is important for children to eat breakfast

Lack of appetite in the morning or too little time are common reasons why children do not eat breakfast. However, this has a big impact on the little ones’ performance during their exciting daily routine at school or kindergarten.

Breakfast, Breakfast for children, Nutrition

What nutrients are important in children’s diets?

Proper nutrition is an increasingly important topic for many people. And the right diet should also play a big role for children, because children need many nutrients and vitamins to grow ideally and stay healthy. In today’s blog post, you can find out what the right diet for children looks like and what you should pay attention to.

Breakfast, Breakfast for children, Fitness, Gesund leben, Healthy lifestyle, Nutrition

Porridge without sugar – advantages, preparation and recipe

Porridge is considered extremely healthy and enjoys great popularity. However, sugar is added to many ready-made products. This article explains why this is not ideal, what sugar alternatives are available and what the perfect porridge preparation for a healthy and sugar-reduced breakfast looks like.

Breakfast for children, Recipes

3 healthy breakfast recipes for children – that taste good!

A healthy and balanced breakfast is the best way to start the day. This also applies to your children. But not every child loves healthy food. So that your children, fortified with a healthy breakfast, can concentrate well at school and start the day fit, we show you 3 healthy breakfast recipes that your children won’t be able to resist.

Breakfast, Breakfast for children, Fitness, Gesund leben, Healthy lifestyle

Sugar-free breakfast for children?

Of course, every child would love greasy sweet nut nougat cream, sticky cornflakes and sugared strawberries for breakfast. And admittedly: When things have to go quickly in the morning and there is no time to prepare a larger breakfast or eat together in peace, buttered toast with sugary jam is a temptingly quick solution. Find out why less sugar in children’s diets makes sense in this article!

Breakfast, Breakfast for children, Gesund leben, Healthy lifestyle

Porridge for children – a healthy start to the day

Porridge for children is a popular, delicious and extremely healthy breakfast. You can make porridge yourself or benefit from a ready-made porridge recipe. Choosing the right food for kids is not always easy. However, you can’t go wrong with a warm porridge in the morning.

Breakfast for children, Recipes

Chocolate crunchy breakfast muffins

These muffins are perfect as breakfast for children or even as an afternoon snack. The chocolate crunchy muffins are completely without refined sugar. The sweetness in the muffins are obtained from the ripe bananas. Of course, this also benefits the health of your children and you can let them enjoy the muffins, without a guilty conscience.

Breakfast for children, Recipes

Recipe: Breakfast muffins with cocoa and banana

It’s not just children who can enjoy these simple but delicious breakfast muffins without added sugar. They are still sweet enough for children thanks to the sweetness from bananas. The base is our Verival Porridge Cocoa-Banana made from wholemeal oat flakes with lots of fibre. This is a delicious and energy-rich way to start the day.

Breakfast for children, Recipes

Recipe: Berry Crunchy Bars with Coconut

It is important for children to start the day healthy and balanced. The Verival Berry Child not only makes these crunchy bars deliciously berry-like, but also provides the little ones with lots of nutrients and fibre. And with very little sugar. Wrapped up, these muesli bars are ideal as a second breakfast or as a snack between meals. Of course, they are also delicious for adults.

Breakfast for children, Gesund leben, Healthy lifestyle

The ideal breakfast for children – even for real breakfast grouches

Especially on weekdays, time is more than tight in the morning. Every additional action throws the plan into disarray. But the time for a healthy breakfast is the most important. Because with a balanced and fibre-rich breakfast, every child starts the day happier, more concentrated and, above all, healthier.

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