7 tips for a stress-free start into the day

Stress has become a common companion in modern society. Everything has to be done right away, nothing is put off until tomorrow and it is best to do everything right in this second. The urge for perfection in many different things leads to an unpleasant extra burden. And it is precisely because of this constant […]
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Pancake Tuesday: A delicious tradition from england

Even though we are anything but conventional, today we would like to introduce a great tradition for Shrove Tuesday from England: “Pancake Tuesday”. There are countless traditions for carnival. While in Austria we participate in parades during carnival time and love to eat doughnuts, called Krapfen, in French-speaking regions Mardi Gras is celebrated extensively, in England […]
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Bircher Müsli Rezept

The original Bircher muesli recipe

The original Bircher Muesli – an old classic that should not be missed on the breakfast table! The muesli lovers among you know what we mean. The Bircher muesli is not only extremely healthy, but also super delicious. It is very easy to prepare, and you will certainly succeed even if you are not a […]
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Bewegung Abnehmen

Is exercise enough to lose weight?

Almost everyone probably knows how it feels like to not be completely comfortable in his or her skin and to have the desire to lose some weight. Since it is not so easy for everyone to change the diet from one day to the next or to do without their beloved chocolate bar or chip […]
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Kohlenhydrate Tagesbedarf

Daily carbohydrate requirement – how much am I allowed to eat?

Carbohydrates are an important energy supplier for our body. Nevertheless, in various diets they are considered as supposed fatteners. Whether or not you can eat them without hesitation is mainly dependent on the type of carbohydrates with which you cover your daily requirements. While some serve as an energy supplier for vital body functions and […]
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Abnehmen mit Porridge

Losing weight with porridge – is that even possible?

The fact that oatmeal contributes to a healthy diet and can even help you to lose weight has not only been known since warm breakfast or porridge has been enjoying a renaissance. Porridge was already on the menu of poor working-class families a hundred and more years ago. No wonder, as it was easy and […]
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Hand hält Ayurveda Gewürze

5 important Ayurveda spices for all Doshas

In Ayurvedic nutrition everything revolves around them: spices. In the traditional Indian healing art they are not only used as medicine, but also keep the three doshas (the three life energies Vata, Pitta and Kapha) in balance. They also give your food the necessary spice. Whether breakfast, lunch or dinner – Ayurveda has the right […]
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Diese Nährstoffe sind im Porridge enthalten

Which nutrients are contained in porridge?

It’s no secret that porridge is a healthy breakfast. The breakfast trend does not only look good on Instagram pictures, but also is good for your body. We took a closer look at porridge, which is also called oatmeal. You will find out in this blog post which important nutrients you can find in the […]
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5 tips for a romantic start into Valentine’s Day

Many people associate Valentine’s Day with kitsch, but it doesn’t have to be a huge bouquet of flowers and the most expensive heart-shaped box of chocolate. Valentine’s Day should be all about spending time together, whether with your partner, friends or family. For us, a romantic day naturally begins with a hearty breakfast together! Especially […]
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