8 reasons why you should order your breakfast online

For a long time the importance of having breakfast has been neglected. However, in recent years breakfast has become the most important meal of the day, not only from a scientific point of view. Moreover, having breakfast has also become a great social success. More often you can find beautifully arranged smoothie bowls on Instagram, brand new […]
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Unsere Verival Athleten 1.0

Sharing the triumphs – our Verival athletes 1.0

We’ve been supporting Austrian sportsmen and women for many years now and love following their careers and sharing their triumphs. We can be truly proud of our boys and girls this year, as they’ve really achieved a lot. We sponsor our sportspeople with delicious Verival Breakfast products and products from our Verival Sport range to […]
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Outdoor Sport im Winter

Outdoor sport in winter – points to consider

There are lots of outdoor sports options for the cold months of the year. Downhill and cross-country skiing are among the typical winter sports. If you’re a fan of classic warm-weather sports like jogging, aerobics and cycling, though, there’s no need to give them up when it’s wet and windy outside. But is exercising in […]
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Breakfast ideas for Halloween: A breakfast to fear

For many Halloween is associated with scary costumes, creepy parties and events, candy, pranks or horror movies. For us Halloween means one thing above everything else: Delicious food! That’s why we want to present you some delicious recipes for your Halloween breakfast or party. But first back to the basics: Where does the name Halloween […]
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Frühstück aus dem Muffinblech

Breakfast from the muffin tray

Muffins for breakfast? Why not! Muffins are an easy breakfast option to take with you, that can be quickly prepared for the whole week at the weekends and on top of everything else taste really delicious. Whether prepared with porridge, crunchy or muesli – we think muffins are a good breakfast option if you have […]
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Muesli Trends 2019

Muesli is a genuine breakfast classic since 1900, when the doctor Maximilian Oskar Bircher-Benner developed the “Birchermues”, which we today know under the name Bircher Muesli. Even though muesli has already been known and loved for a long time, there are still many different trends and new interpretations in 2019. In today’s blog post we […]
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Porridge Trends 2019

Porridge has become a real classic on many breakfast tables. Nevertheless, new variations of our favourite warm breakfast are constantly created. The porridge buddha bowl, the porridge breakfast pizza and the baked porridge are just a few examples of the new interpretations in 2019. Today, we present you the nine most important porridge trends of […]
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Why oats are good for you

There is a common sense that oats are one of the healthiest grains on the planet. Whether as flakes, in muesli, in porridge or as a dough. Nevertheless, oats are often underestimated or even ignored. Hardly anyone would categorize oats as superfood, although the small grain would definitely deserve this title. For us as producers […]
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