Gluten free

Easy gluten-free breakfast

While most people can consume products that contain gluten without hesitation and a second thought, some people suffer from gluten intolerance and should therefore, depending on the severity of the intolerance, eat completely gluten-free or at least have as little gluten as possible. And, of course, those affected simply want to enjoy a gluten-free breakfast. […]
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5 reasons why we do not use palm oil at Verival

What is palm oil? Palm oil is extracted from the fruits of the oil palm. It originated in the rainforests of West Africa before it came to Asia in the 19th century. Today, the oil palm is mainly found in Indonesia and Malaysia as the tropical climate there provides the ideal growing conditions for the […]
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Urgetreide zum Frühstück

Heritage grains for breakfast

Heritage grains are very trendy at the moment and are also celebrated as a real innovation! Strange, in fact, when you consider that these grains are over ten thousand years old. Perhaps this is the case due to a rethinking in our society, because the desire for sustainability, naturalness, authenticity and tradition is apparently becoming […]
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About vegan proteins and what Sabrina from @berosa_gogreen and Helga from @travelling_vet say about this topic!

Did you know that our Verival Athletics Range contains native plant proteins and what makes vegan proteins so special? Find out in this blog post and read about what Sabrina from @berosa_gogreen and Helga from @travelling_vet think about vegan proteins. What makes vegan proteins so special? Proteins are essential nutrients for the human body, needed […]
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Don't panic go organic

3 reasons why we are striking for the climate

“Don’t panic, go organic!” With this message we from Verival are also taking part in the global climate strike in Vienna today on the 27th September 2019, because the climate is an issue that concerns us all. We are convinced that every small step in the direction of a climate-friendly and sustainable world is an […]
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What you always wanted to know about proteins

The protein hype does not seem to come to an end and is still one of the top trends in every important food trend analysis. For us as breakfast makers, this is definitely a reason to take a closer look at this topic. The result? We followed the trend and launched our own sports range […]
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Some thoughts on sustainability

And suddenly certain doubts come creeping in about our daily habits. Is it sustainable? – This question comes to our minds more and more often. Sustainability has become a huge topic which arises when we shop, travel, choose our means of transport, live, invest or even vote. The question of sustainability now comes up in […]
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Summer fresh berries, healthy food, white wooden background.

How to overwinter berries

Freeze-dried berries at Verival & the best tips for freezing berries at home We are glad that we don’t always have to comply with the berry season calendar and can enjoy fresh berries all year round in our Mueslis, Crunchys, Granolas and Porridges as there are many different freeze-dried berries in our breakfast products. But […]
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Vegane Proteinquellen

The best protein sources in a vegan diet

Veganism is probably one of the most important nutrition trends nowadays. But what does it actually mean to “live vegan”? Roughly speaking when eating vegan, you do not consume any animal products in your diet – this means that you neither eat fish nor meat, nor any other products of animal origin, such as milk, […]
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