Warm breakfast according to TCM

Warmed up, well saturated, but still light as a feather and full of energy to start the day? All this is possible according to TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) – if you prepare yourself a warm breakfast in the morning and follow some basic rules. That’s why we want to take a closer look at the […]
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Ernährung in der traditionellen chinesischen Medizin

TCM Nutrition – what is behind it?

For our recipes, we love to be inspired by nutritional philosophies from all around the world. Our particularly soothing and warm TCM breakfast is based on the 5-Elements teaching, a pillar of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Based on the 5-element theory, we have created three finely balanced porridge varieties that make breakfast in harmony with […]
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Bircher Müsli feiert sein Revival

Bircher Muesli – a classic celebrates its revival

At the moment the Bircher muesli is very trendy and can be found on the menu of every good breakfast restaurant. However, muesli actually has a really long tradition. What used to be seen as a boring dish one would only eat when being on a diet is now available in many different variations and […]
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Chia Samen und ihre Wirkung: Mythos oder Wundersamen?

Chia seeds and their effects: myth or magical seeds?

Chia seeds originally come from Mexico and are an ancient food that was part of the normal diet of the Aztecs and Mayans. The seeds are still widespread in Mexico and Central America and are not only eaten for breakfast as a topping. Chia is called “Chia Salvia hispanica” in the technical language and is […]
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Tips and tricks for a sustainable Christmas

What we actually wish for during Christmas season is relaxation and deceleration. But the Christmas hustle often doesn’t allow it. Less is more – this does not apply to the month of December.  But in the end, it is us who pulls the strings on how we spend our time, how much we indulge in […]
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Die richtige Zubereitung von Chiasamen und Chiapudding

How to prepare chia seeds

In the last few years chia seeds have become increasingly popular and are now known as the small miracle seeds. Unfortunately, the preparation of chia seeds is not always easy if you don’t pay attention to a few little things. In this blog post we want to show you what you should keep in mind […]
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Zu viel Zucker: So schädlich ist er wirklich

Too much sugar – how harmful is sugar really?

Sugar. One food, many different opinions. The subject of sugar is discussed heavily and is seen more controversial than almost any other topic. You can often read about the many harmful effects of sugar on the body. Sugar makes us fat, can lead to an addiction and can favour various diseases such as diabetes type […]
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Warum unsere Verival Frühstücksprodukte kein Soja enthalten

Why our Verival breakfast products do not contain any soy

Soy is probably one of the most controversial foods nowadays and a food that even polarizes sometimes. Many think it is healthy and a good alternative to meat. Others believe that soy destroys habitats and contains harmful hormones. In the context of soy, there are also many articles in which the “soy lie” is discussed […]
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Vegane Substitute

How to simply bake & cook vegan – 9 great substitutes

Eating more vegan food has become more and more popular in recent years and cooking and baking with vegan alternatives is also gaining more and more attention. But not only as vegan one can use vegetable substitutes for baking or cooking. One or two vegan days a week do not only have health benefits, such […]
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