10 tips on how to produce less waste

We all know that it is important for the environment to avoid waste. What sounds complicated, however, is actually not. In this blog post we will introduce you to simple methods of how you can produce less waste without much effort and thus do something good for the environment. 1. Use up leftovers Did you […]
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Good or bad carbohydrates – how to tell the difference

Nowadays carbohydrates are often seen as something negative and are labelled as “fattening”. However, this is a very one-sided view, because carbohydrates are an important energy supplier for the human body. However, a distinction between healthy and unhealthy carbohydrates should be made. In this blog post we will not only review the most important facts […]
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Ballaststoffreiches Frühstück

Everything you need to know about fibre

At first, fibre may sound like something negative for many people. But this is not the case at all. It has been known for many years that they are part of a balanced and healthy diet. This was not always the case: not so long ago, dietary fibres were considered worthless, as they were supposedly […]
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Are oats really gluten-free?

When you research about the superfood oats, you will inevitably come across the question of whether or not oats contain gluten. Opinions differ on this question and there are various articles about this topic online. Especially for people who suffer from gluten intolerance, also called celiac disease, it is important to know which grain products […]
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TCM und Ayurveda im Vergleich

TCM and Ayurveda in comparison – what they have in common!

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, TCM for short, it is Yin and Yang, in Ayurveda there are the three doshas. Sometimes one outweighs the other and vice versa. Although the philosophy of the two health systems may sound very different at first glance, they have some things in common. Both teachings hold the view that body […]
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How to prepare porridge the right way – stir porridge like the pros

Preparing porridge is quite simple. But all porridge recipes focus on the ingredients. In addition to the basic porridge recipe, which consists only of oat flakes, milk or water and a pinch of salt, there are now countless variations in the most diverse flavours. However, one aspect is usually rather neglected in all these recipes: […]
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low carb ernaehrung

Low carb diet – dangerous or reasonable?

Whether as a diet to lose a few kilos or as a long-term nutritional concept, everyone is talking about low carb. However, the approach requires that people take a close look at their diet in order to avoid negative effects on their health. That is why a low-carbohydrate lifestyle is probably not suitable for everyone. […]
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Flaxseeds: the little miracle seeds

Flaxseeds are currently very popular. Flaxseeds are used universally – whether for a healthy breakfast or other foods, they are added everywhere. Linseeds are now traded as a regional superfood – due to the nutritional hype of recent years, flaxseeds are being sold and used more and more. Many people benefit from this – including […]
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How to prepare oat flakes properly

You probably already know that oat flakes are now considered as a real superfood and should therefore be an integral part of a healthy diet. But when preparing oat flakes you should consider a few small tricks so that the oat flakes do not taste too boring and get the right consistency. In this blog […]
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Our diet determines our weight – is this true?

Whether you gain or lose weight is not only determined by your calorie balance or sports routine, but by a combination of several factors. Some of these are genetic and cannot be influenced, others depend on your lifestyle and diet. However, by choosing the right food you can control your hormone balance and thus you […]
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