Even though almonds are an essential part to any trail or nut mix, strictly speaking they’re not even considered real nuts but stone fruits. Almond trees are closely related to apricot and peach trees. There are two kinds of almonds: bitter and sweet almonds, which you probably already knew. But a lesser-known fact is that Sweet Almonds Trees can produce bitter almonds, which can’t really be told apart from their sweet counterparts. While sweet almonds can be used raw and in a variety of recipes, bitter almonds contain hydrocyanic acid which can lead to symptoms of intoxication when consumed in excessive amounts. But don’t worry: small quantities won’t do any harm at all.

Popular because of their high amount of protein: Almonds

Popular because of their high amount of protein: Almonds


are ideal for: athletes and sport fans, on-the-go-breakfast-friends, the bikini body, bliss ball-fans, and muesli-bar-crafters

are packed with: high-quality protein, healthy fats, macro and micro nutrients like copper, calcium, potassium which are readily absorbed by the body. Due to their high amount of protein they are very popular with athletes, like mountain runner Katharina Zipser (nuts about Running), for energy-boosting and regeneration purposes. Extra plus: in comparison with other nuts and nutty stone fruits, almonds contain the least amount of calories, which kind of explains their popularity even more.

are contained in: Almonds, Heritage Grains Muesli with Nuts, Muesli with Coconuts and Apricot, Workout Mix, Energy nut and berry Mix

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