We teamed up with the amazing German online platform YogaEasy to bring more mindfulness into your morning routine! Looking for advice from true yoga experts, we met with the YogaEasy team for a Good morning yoga talk!  Find out how the combination of yoga and breakfast can not only help you to feel physically fit and mobile, but also start more concentrated, alert and awake into your day!


#1 First things first: What was your motivation to start practicing yoga?

When we asked around why each one of us picked up yoga, we all really named the same reasons as we know them from most of our users: longing for quietness, developing more self-awareness, recovering from burn-out or trauma, back and neck pain, pregnancy, plain curiosity and – of course – self declared yoga fan Madonna and her well-trained arms 😉


#2 Why practice yoga?

For all of the above reasons ;)We really notice, that the yoga community is quite unique! So many have not only found good reasons why to start with yoga, but many more why to stick with it. This really proofs that yoga works on so many different levels. You can quickly see first results and it makes you ambitious and curious about what more you can achieve. Our experiences are all very similar, in the sense that we haven’t tried any other kind of sport that has the same positive impact on our body and mind.


#3 What is the difference between yoga and other kinds of sport?

Short answer: yoga has an integral approach. It’s so much more than just a kind of sport – it’s a philosophy. The physical activity is only a small part of yoga. It includes your breathing, it has a clear intention and therefore has an integral way of viewing things  – body and mind. In a yoga class you engage all your body parts as well as your mind, which creates a feeling of unity.


#4 In your opinion, what are the biggest misconceptions about yoga?

Definitely that yoga and gymnastics are the same thing! And that you have to always wear the color yellow and super wide trousers 🙂


#5 What is your morning routine?

A quick poll shows, that the typical YogaEasy team member’s morning routine looks like this: first meditation, then a few yoga exercises, followed by a nutritious and healthy breakfast. Additionally, some of us include some Ayurveda rituals like oil pulling but also the typical cup of coffee is part of our morning rituals.


#6 What are the benefits of starting your day with yoga?

We are usually more present in the morning, more than during any other time of the day. We usually have less things that jam our thoughts and therefore more headspace to really focus on our body. We can really make the best of our time in the morning and use it to ask ourselves questions like: how do I feel, what does my body need right now?


#7 How can yoga help to have a more mindful start into the day?

If you’ve already established a connection between your body and mind in the morning, it can really help you to keep the connection going throughout a busy day. It’s easier to remember, that your body is not simply a machine but that you have to treat it well and with respect.


#8 Do you have any advice on how to find a personal morning routine?

First of all, you have to decide what the aim of your routine should be. Do I want to feel better? Would I like to exercise or eat healthier food? Many of our goals are so much easier to reach, if we treat them like fixed appointments and therefore create time for them – even if that implies, that we have to get up a little bit earlier in the morning than we usually would. We have to be convinced, that it’s worth it, that we are worth it. And of course, it has to be fun. The more joy your morning routine brings you, the easier it will be to stick to it.


#9 Last but not least, what is your favourite breakfast?

Actually, most of us love warm breakfast – like porridge.

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