The two power women Kathi & Lena spend most of their time practicing beach volleyball as full-time professionals, but in their spare time you can also find the two girls practicing yoga together! We met up with the two yoga fans to talk about their love for yoga, their morning routine and – of course – their favorite breakfast! Read up on the whole Good Morning Yoga Talk here:


#1 What does your usual morning routine look like?

Usually we get up between 7 and 8am and start our day by taking a shower, brushing our teeth and taking care of our bodies. If time permits, we love to do a short stretching session with yoga elements before breakfast. Our favorite breakfast consists of porridge and a cup of coffee with oat milk or green tea. That’s what our perfect start into a training day looks like.


#2 What was your main motivation, to start practicing yoga?

Kathi: I wanted to improve my flexibility and find a different kind of sport I’d enjoy next to beach volleyball. I love yoga for its relaxing effects and at the same time I really enjoy how I can feel that some sequences strengthen my body. Besides, I regularly do Hot Yoga to prepare my body for the heat in other countries, where we play matches.

Lena: Next to my strength and volleyball training I find yoga to bring a great balance into my sports routine. Not only does it help me to improve my flexibility but also relaxes my body and mind.


#3 In your opinion, what are good reasons to pick up yoga?

What we love about yoga is that anyone can do it – no matter your level of fitness. You can practice yoga according to your own capabilities and it’s a great way to simply let go and relax on a stressful day. While practicing yoga you’re fully focused on your own body and that really makes one realize how unique each one of us is. Additionally, there’s a great variety in yoga, so you never start to feel bored.


#4 Why is it a good idea to include yoga in your morning routine?

With a short yoga session first thing in the morning you have a much more mindful and active start into the day. It helps to get your circulation up and running, which rises your energy levels and prevents back problems.


#5 What is the difference between yoga and other kinds of sport?

As yoga consists of sequences that are active, strengthening and calming as well as breathing exercises, it really has a greater variety than many other kinds of sport. Additionally, there’s a whole lifestyle connected to yoga, which pays a lot of attention to health and body consciousness. Yoga can therefore even help people to better get to know themselves. It helps you to focus on yourself and your needs.


#6 Is there a connection between yoga and beach volleyball?

For both kinds of sport you need to be quite flexible and there’s kind of a connection between the order of exercises. Yoga consists of short, active sequences and relaxing phases. You can compare that with the short and active moments in beach volleyball, where you play the ball, and the following more calm phase, where you try and catch your breath. Also the needed to focus and concentrate connects the two.


#7 Do you have any advice on how to find your personal morning routine?

What helped us the most in finding a morning routine that works, was to note down an exact plan of what we want and then really to make it a priority, especially the first few days. We would recommend to include 15-20 minutes of activating morning sport before breakfast. After a short while you will notice how much you profit from your morning routine and how it has turned into a real habit.


#8 Last but not least, what is your favorite breakfast?

Our favorite breakfast is a mixture of Verival Coconut & Apricots Porridge and rolled oats with soya yoghurt and fresh fruit. The whole combination simply tastes delicious, keeps us going for a long time and provides enough power for a good training session. We also love to have a cup of green tea or coffee that goes along with our porridge in the morning.


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