A life without the mountains? Possible, of course, but definitely pointless if you ask the power women from OutdoorChicks! The sport movement from Innsbruck (Tyrol, Austria) is dedicated to a continually growing community by women and for women, who all have one thing in common: their passion for nature and adventure.

Apart from numerous sports activities, the OutdoorChicks team also organises many free events in Innsbruck and the surrounding area. There are weekly yoga and blackroll trainings, but also avalanche courses and screenings. Something that’s very important to them is the issue of sustainability, which is why they also support amazing projects like Charity Arrow.


1# What do mountains mean to you?

Freedom and the chance to be who we want to be. They are our playground, where nobody judges and where we can be ourselves with all aspects that come along with that.

2# Do you prefer mountains in summer or winter?

Both, every season is special in its own way. In summer, we go cycling, hiking or swimming and in winter skiing, touring or snowboarding.

3# What’s your favourite power breakfast before heading for the mountains?

Eggs with avocado and muesli without added sugar.

4# What’s always in your backpack when you go on a mountain trip?

Snacks, suitable clothing, a bivouac sack, a first aid kit, enough water and of course the right people to accompany you.

5# Is there a life lesson that only mountains can teach you?

Listening, observing and taking in every moment.

6# Which of your alpine experiences has shaped you the most?

An avalanche in Stubaital, an alpine valley in Tyrol. You can’t hear anything anymore, the heart races and you can’t see your friends anywhere.

7# Do you prefer to be alone or hike in company?

In company, preferably with the OutdoorChicks of course!

#8 Beach holiday or hiking trip?

Why not both? A mix is the best solution 🙂

#9 What’s more important to you, the journey or the mountain peak as your destination? 

The journey, although the mountain peak can be just as important for one’s own sense of achievement.

You want to become an OutdoorChick too or find out more about the movement, the events and sports activities? Simply check out their website, have a look at their Facebook page and/or follow their Instagram account (@outdoorchicks_org)!