We at Verival believe that Austria and the mountains simply belong together – just like your breakfast and muesli! If you have ever experienced the beauty of the Austrian mountains yourself, than you know, that after each visit there’s always a special story to be told. We’ve met with sportsman Jakob Herrmann to hear about his love for the alps.

#1 What do the mountains mean to you?

Mountains mean passion and freedom to me – it’s a magical combination! And they are my second home.

#2 Do you prefer mountains in summer or winter?

I love the mountains during summer – the variety of possible activities is amazing! But still I have to admit, that I prefer winter – I find the different snow conditions fascinating and I am amazed by the winter landscape. And, by the way, skiing downhill is much nicer than having to walk 😉

#3 What’s your favourite power breakfast before heading for the mountains?

The Verival glutenfree Cranberry-Cherry Muesli mixed with grounded ginger, turmeric, cinnamon and a hint of salt – all of it slightly toasted in a frying pan and then mixed together with water or rice drink and simmer for 10min. Just before the end I add a very ripe banana or fresh berries.

My special advice is to add some butter / sesame paste and sunflower seeds at the very end as it makes everything tastes even better!

#4 What’s always in your backpack when you go on a mountain trip?

Definitely a bag of Verival Date Pralines!

#5 Is there a life lesson that only mountains can teach you?

To really live in the moment and not care about anything else but what’s right in front of you.

#6 Which of your alpine experiences has shaped you the most?

I lost a good friend of mine two years ago when we were on a tour together in the mountains … since that day I carry him with me wherever I go and try to give him as many beautiful moments as I can.

#7 Do you prefer to be alone or hike in company?

There’s something beautiful in sharing a perfect moment on the mountains, but I actually had the most memorable times just being by myself.

#8 Beach holiday or hiking trip?

Hiking trip !!!

#9 What’s more important to you, the journey or the mountain peak as your destination? 

The journey is the reward – to reach the peak is the finishing touch! I enjoy each and every moment of the journey so I am not disappointed whenever I don’t reach the mountain top. I always say, that the mountain still will be there tomorrow – so there’s no need to take any unnecessary risks!