The talented Austrian author and adventurer Ernst Merkinger is the mastermind behind the successful blog and Instagram page „Ernstjetzt“. As a declared mountain lover and ski fan we had to meet him for a good morning mountain talk to find out, what he loves most about his time in the mountains ⛷


#1 What do the mountains mean to you?

For me mountains are sacred, they have this most magical appeal! I properly  feel this way because I have experienced many times, that hiking calms my emotions and whenever I can feel hunger creeping up inside of me, I get this excited feeling, that there will be this amazing restaurant somewhere along the way where I can find the most delicious traditional Austrian food.


#2 What’s your favourite power breakfast before heading for the mountains?

I love a great variety! Eggs and a cup of green tea, some porridge or dark bread with salmon – I can’t get enough of breakfast food! It’s important to me to get up early in the morning and to have more than enough time to enjoy my breakfast stress-free. That’s my secret for having a great start into the day!


#3 What do you always bring along on a mountain trip?

A qualitatively good water bottle filled with fresh water. My Iphone – on the other hand – can sometimes also stay at home.


#4 Do you believe that there’s a lesson for life, that only mountains can teach you?

There is a great power in the silence you experience whilst being in nature. It always reminds me of how important it is to find a place of calm for myself in this busy world. And it reminds me that it’s our responsibility to protect and cherish nature.


#5 Which of your alpine experiences has so far shaped you the most?

Definitely the people I met along my many hikes and ski trips! All the conversations I had, really helped me to get a better understanding of people in general and of the world we live in and I’m really grateful for that.


#6 Last but not least: What’s more important to you, the journey or the peak?

I’d really have to say both! Reaching the mountain top and enjoying the view has something really satisfying, but it’s really the journey, the decision to get going, that’s making it worthwhile. So yes, both mean a great deal to me!


If you haven’t heard of Ernst before, you’ve definitely missed out! He became known for his pilgrimage in 2017 from Vienna all the way to Marrakesh and documented his journey on Instagram. He has written a book about his experiences and now encourages thousands of people through his blog and Instagram to live a more sustainable and adventurous life. Go check him out and follow “Ernstjetzt” on Instagram!