For us at Verival, Austria and the mountains belong together like muesli belongs on our breakfast table. 🙂 Everyone who’s gotten to know the Austrian mountains has their own story to tell. That’s why we met Austrian runner Katharina Zipser for the first of a series of “Good Morning Mountain Talks”, to find out about her personal experiences with the mountains:


1# What do the mountains mean to you?

Rest, enjoyment, breathing and amazement.


2# Do you prefer the mountains in summer or winter?

I like it when it’s warm. Cold, rough wind and snow crystals on the skin are not really my thing. – However, fresh powder snow on a sunny day in spring… Marvellous! In summer, I especially like that the daylight lasts longer. The mountains are particularly beautiful at night … and I love looking up to the stars! 


3# What’s your favourite power breakfast before heading for the mountains?

Currently, I’m totally into the “Chocolate Cereal Mix“. It’s quite sweet, but I can get away with it (laughs), – unfortunately, I tend to pick out all the chocolate pockets first, so that there aren’t any left at some point. I love the whole milk chocolate chips and the freeze dried strawberry pieces – mmmh! I’ve got a pretty good breakfast range at home and simply like to mix it all together with some yoghurt and milk by myself. And if available, I’m topping the bowl with fresh berries!


4# What’s always in your backpack when you go on a mountain trip?

Nuts and/or kernels: I always carry a packet of cashew nuts or a mix of nuts and fruits. My favourite mix at the moment is the “Good Morning Organic Energy Mix” with hazelnuts, coconut chips and cranberries. The size is super handy and the ingredients give you so much energy!


5# What alpine experience has shaped you the most?

That was probably when I fell off a mountain when I was 14 .


6# Is there anything the mountains can teach you about life?

Calm: I think the mountains are great place for relaxation and self-reflection and for embracing the calm.


7# What’s more important to you, the mountain peak or the way up?

… definitely the way up!