(if you’re not a morning person)

Not all of us are born as a morning person – and maybe don’t have to. As different as we humans are, the various is our ritual of getting out of bed in the morning . But if the morning has nothing in store for you but agony, it’s probably time to find your personal morning routine! A thought through and planned morning program is not just for all the born morning persons among us, but especially for those, who tent to struggle with the early hours of the day. So if you’re not a morning person, a morning routine might just be what it takes, to help you find a better way of starting into the day.

We asked around and collected five good reasons for a morning routine, especially, if you don’t consider yourself a morning person:

1# Often, it’s the lack of time that shapes the first hours of our day. With a thought through morning routine you decide what’s important to you and what you’re going to spend your time on – not what you can still fit in during the time you have left before you need to leave the house.

2# Being in a hurry and stressed in the morning can strain the nerves and have a negative impact on your mood. A morning routine can help you to start your day with what feels good, makes you happy and prepares the way for a great day.

3# Avoid running behind schedule thanks to your personal morning routine, as it helps you to create enough time for what’s important. Do you sometimes make big plans of preparing a healthy breakfast, but instead decide to stay in bed just a little bit longer and rather grab something on the go? Unfortunately you’re not only not doing your health any good, but also spend the rest of the day knowing, you didn’t stick to your plan. If your head is filled with things you haven’t achieved, already before you have even left your home, it’s much harder to face the new challenges that your work or school life presents you with during the day.

4# Your personal morning routine serves as the perfect motivation to get out of bed according to your sleep-wake-cycle instead of snoozing till the very last minute. It’s much easier to start into the day, if you’re awaken in a phase of light instead of deep sleep – even if that means that you might have to get up a few minutes earlier than you usually would. During the first moments it mind seem hard to go without these extra minutes of sleep, but shortly after you will realize how much easier it was to get out of bed and how much fitter you feel.

5# Instead of having to deal with the fact that you’re not a morning person for the rest of your life, you could – who knows – turn into one thanks to your personal morning routine!