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The Austrian nature enthusiast David Wallmann has found his passion in endurance sports. In summer, he loves trail running, whereas in winter, he enjoys ski touring and mountaineering. He spends as much time as possible in the mountains, which he likes to call his “playground”. Going to his limits and at the same time recharging his batteries works best for David out in the nature.

Crossing the Alps on Skis

©Philipp Reiter

The extreme athlete’s latest unforgettable experience was his 36-day Alpine crossing: on touring skis from Vienna to Nice across the main chain of the Alps (also called Alpine divide). A jump into the sea rewarded the total distance of 1,721 kilometres as well as 89,844 vertical metres.

For the member of the Salomon running team, exercising with light equipment has become a lifestyle by now that goes far beyond the physical activity. Collecting uncountable memorable experiences with friends and exploring new tours time and again is what continuously drives him. Victories and podium positions at various competitions are the icing on the cake, but it’s more the memories than trophies that count for David.

David’s favourite Verival product is the Good Morning Organic Energy Mix, as the mix of cranberries and coconut gives him an extra boost of energy on long days.

In general, David is a big breakfast fan. For him, a relaxed start into the day is important – so important that he even gets up 30 minutes earlier! His perfect breakfast consists of one of our Verival heritage grain mueslis, honey from his own beekeeping and coconut yoghurt. What else can always be found on his breakfast table?  – Definitely seasonal fruit and a cup of coffee without milk and sugar.

If you want to learn more about David, have a look at his beautiful pictures or want to be part of his next big adventure, simply follow him on Facebook and/or Instagram!

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