We all know how hard it can be to get out of bed every morning. It’s fairly easy to do, however, when our Overnight Oats with Heritage Muesli with Berries and fresh, sweet strawberries on top are waiting for us – a new recipe we’ve tried just for you!

It’s pretty obvious why Overnight Oats can’t really be beaten by anything else, right? First, instead of having to get up early, you just pre-prepare them the night before.

Somehow, almost magically, your Muesli turns into this tender mush of yumminess that just needs to be topped with fresh fruit, nuts or some additional Crunchy Muesli right before you get to start the munchin’. 10 more minutes in bed and a great, relaxed breakfast at home or at your office desk? Well, that’s just paradise.

Frühstücks-Zubereitung als Abendprogramm

Breakfast prep the night before

Second advantage (there’s another one?): by letting your oats soak in water, milk or yoghurt, your otherwise fine assortment of grains transforms itself into a much more nutritious and satiating meal that won’t have you getting hungry anytime soon.

And finally, there’s a third advantage: Overnight Oats taste amazing and different every time if you want them to! You get to mix and match different varieties of Mueslis – whether it be the classic Bircher or the rather exotic Muesli with Coconut and Apricots – with various types of milk the night before and just add whatever kind of seasonal fruit you’re in the mood for in the morning. Plus, if you want to add even more spark, try some cinnamon, cacao, nuts or even a seed mix.

A strawberry dream to take away or enjoy right on the spot: BERRY OVERNIGHT OATS

Beeren Urkornmüsli Overnight Oats mit frischen Erdbeeren

Heritage Grains Muesli with Berries as Overnight Oats with fresh strawberries

The night before:

4 tbsp Heritage Grains Muesli with Berries

4 tbsp of (almond, oat, spelt, soy…) milk

Mix your Muesli with the liquid of your choosing in your favorite bowl, put a lid on it and keep it in a fridge overnight.

In the morning:

6-10 (depending on size) strawberries

Rinse the strawberries, cut them up and put them on your Overnight Oats. Stir well, if desired, and enjoy (definitely desired!)

Ein Erdbeer-Traum über Nacht

Overnight Strawberry Dream