Nomen est omen: in German, “ein” means “one” and korn stands for “grain” so the name einkorn stems from the fact that this guy produces only one grain per spikelet. Einkorn is also one of the oldest and most nutritious grains ever to be cultivated by humans, dating back more than 9.000 years. And: contrary to popular belief, einkorn isn’t the predecessor of modern wheat, even though 10.000 years ago both cereals had the same “ancestor”.

Phew. So much to know, right? Let’s have our VERIVAL Einkorn take the floor itself:

Nickname: oldie, but goodie

Can’t be bothered by: intense workouts (einkorn contains almost 50% more protein than wheat)

We’re loving it for: its high amounts of antioxidants (2-4 times more carotenoids than wheat) that help our cells fight off free radicals

Thinks of itself as: down-to-earth, stable, yet invigorating

Is nuts about: established, almost ancient types of fruit, such as apples or apricots, his buddies emmer and spelt, and pleasantly composed types of milk (cow’s milk, goat’s milk, spelt drink)

Stands out: as the star in our VERIVAL Heritage Grains Muesli with Apples and Apricots, and in our VERIVAL Five-grain Flakes