You would like to surprise all the breakfast fans in your life this Christmas with a standout present but you still haven’t found the perfect good morning gift idea? Don’t you worry, we’ve got you covered! Whether for early birds or grumpy cats, our easy DIY idea will turn everyone’s morning into the highlight of the day!

Have you ever thought about designing your own breakfast dishes? Thanks to our easy DIY instructions, it’s the perfect last minute gift as you’ll be done in no time! And every true breakfast lover knows, that muesli and coffee simply taste better in your favorite cup and bowl 😉 So here you go!


What you’ll need:




Decide on a design and cover all the parts of your cup and bowl with masking tape that should stay plain. Make sure that the tape is pulled tight and that there are as few ripples as possible so that the color can’t creep up underneath the tape. Don’t forget to protect the inside of your cup and bowl from the spray paint! We used tinfoil which worked really well.

Find a spot outside or a well ventilated room to use the spray paint. Use the old newspapers or magazines to protect your surrounding from the paint and put on the kitchen gloves, if you don’t want to spend the next few days with colorful hands 😉 Hold spray can approximately 30cm away from the cup and bowl and spray in short spurts to achieve even coverage. Try to use as little paint as possible to avoid dripping!

After five minutes you can remove the masking tape and let the paint dry fully.

Enjoy the great surprise in your loved one’s eyes when they unwrap their new favorite breakfast cup and bowl for Christmas!