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Those aiming high need a lot of strength and perseverance – all the better that professional climber Lukas Knapp always brings along a bag of our Verival Work Out Nut and Fruit Mix to provide him with the much needed energy on his climbing trips! Next to his competitions, his great passion is to travel together with friends, to get to know the different climbing regions all over the world. Find out more about the ambitious climber:


Lukas Knapp

Lukas was only 12 when he started his climbing career. While visiting the Alpine Association nearby his hometown in Thalgau he was first introduced to climbing and fell in love with the sport immediately. After years of hard work and training, Lukas was able to join the Austrian national climbing team in 2015 and from this point on now competes on an international level.

His greatest successes so far include the double Austrian state championship title, top 3 results in the youth Europacup and many world cup positions in the top 25.

Next to his many competitions, Lukas loves to travel with his friends to the different climbing regions all around the world. He enjoys nothing more than to stand on top of a high rock face that he just climbed,  marvel at the sunshine and take time to realize, what he had just accomplished.

His perfect morning starts with a not too early, relaxed breakfast, that provides him with enough energy to face the challenges and tasks of the day. Lukas’ favorite breakfast is the Verival Muesli with Coconut and Apricots , and to make sure he doesn’t run out of energy during his climbing trips, he always brings a bag of the Verival Work Out Nut and Fruit Mix.

You can watch his newest video with impressions from his latest climbing trip here or follow him on Facebook or Instagram under “lukas_knapp” on his adventures.

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