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Home is where the heart is and your breakfast table is where you unpack your favorite breakfast. Whether it’s between computer screens and folders at work, in a quiet corner at uni or on a picnic blanket: have your home made, love filled muesli, porridge, fruit salad or sandwich with you and you just got yourself an instant boost of happiness right there. If your breakfast dish is transported right, that is. Because who likes cold porridge and nasty plastic? Luckily, today we have so many options to choose from when it comes to containers. And they’re chic, too! We turned to Andrea Lunzer, owner of Austria’s first and finest package-free organic store, for answers on what, how and why. Here’s her scoop:

Verpackungsfrei-Expertin Andrea Lunzer © Julia Fuchs

Verpackungsfrei-Expertin Andrea Lunzer © Julia Fuchs

Andreas tips for your breakfast to go:

Glass jars and swing tops

“You’re always on the safe side using glass jars. Even after years of usage it won’t stain or rub off. It’s also resistant to heat and doesn’t absorb any odors.”

Vacuum Insulated Food Canister by Klean Kanteen

“Those are my favorite because they keep my porridge nice and warm for hours. I like to cook a larger portion upon waking up and take little spoonfuls throughout the morning. The opening has a diameter of about 8cm which is perfect for spooning out my delicious breakfast.”

-> Klean Kanteen


“The one big advantage here is their weight! As soon as you’ve eaten up there’s hardly any weight left in your bag. The cups are available in many colors and their individual parts can be combined in multiple ways to make your packaging look different every single time. I love to use them for coffee or tea to go!”

-> Keep Cups

Riess AromaPots

“An absolute eye catcher in your bag as well as on your kitchen counter! Since 1550, the Austrian Company Riess produces kitchen equipment made from enamel. Indestructible and a true Austrian high quality product. The Pots are fit to any stove, too, in case you want to warm up your breakfast.”

-> more on Riess

Abeego Wrap

“Abeego Wraps can be used in multiple ways: to layer your snacks, to cover up bowls or even to wrap your bite-size cut fruits and veggies in. It’s made solely from natural material such as hemp, organic cotton, beeswax, jojoba oil and resin.

-> Abeego

Abeego Wraps © Peter Bagi

Abeego Wraps © Peter Bagi


“I like to use Boc’n’Roll for my sandwich on the go because it’s a base for a picknick in the park or my desk all at the same time. Highly recommendable for kids who always like to spread out their breakfast ingredients. Plus, it’s so easy to store and weighs in at only 50g.”

-> Boc’n’Roll


All of those amazing containers can be bought at Lunzers Maß-Greißlerei, Heinestraße 35 in 1020 Vienna.

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