A total of 1.000 respondents participated in Verival’s large Breakfast Survey and offered us some very interesting glimpses into their morning routine.

Verival's large Breakfast Survey

Verival’s large Breakfast Survey

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The survey’s most important findings at a glimpse:

-> Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and a daily affair for many.

-> The majority enjoys breakfast at home in less than 15 minutes.

-> Healthy Breakfast is especially popular. Muesli, Porridge and Cereal are regulars at the breakfast table followed by fruit & smoothies and bread & pastry.

-> Breakfast friends have a sweet tooth, only few like it savoury.

-> Most respondents combine their muesli with yogurt or milk. Non-dairy milk is also welcome, fruit puree, smoothies and juices not so much.

-> Some like it hot: Porridge slurpers dominate. Fruity and crunchy mueslis also have a decent fan base, followed by chocolate cereal.